Kavos Resort Guide

Kavos Nightlife and Strip

Kavos’ nightlife and party scene is found in the south of the island of Corfu. There’s one main strip which has many off-roads that host bars, restaurants and hotels all within a kilometre. The beach is adjacent to the strip rather than leading down to it like other resorts. The main Kavos strip is the place to be for the nightlife and clubbing atmosphere.

Kavos is a resort full of lively bars up and down the strip with clubs Future and Atlantis being nearer the top. The partying goes on until the early hours of the morning then most clubbers will end up either in JCs for another Haribo Headf*cker, on the beach to watch the sun come up or in ex-porn star Nikos’ kebab house.

Here’s some killer bars to check out while you’re there:


Kavos Bar Guide


Scorers is a bar nearer the top of the strip and is perfect for watching sports as well as a stop on a bar crawl. Get your Malibu slushies here!

outside of scorers pub on kavos strip

42nd street

42nd Street bar is near enough the centre of the strip – a fantastic place to begin pre-drinks if you’re staying in Trabukos as it’s right next door! Resident DJs tick all the music boxes and play all the summer anthems and more.

crowd outside 42nd street on kavos strip


Kavos Restaurant Guide

In Kavos there’s plenty of places to explore to eat that won’t break the bank! If you’re looking for classic British grub, head over to Big Bite to Eat or Streetz. If you want something a bit more traditional, The Shack and The Village are some great choices. The best way to find a good eating spot though is to go exploring! Kavos is full of hidden gems and off-the-beat dining places!

Big Bite to Eat

With generous sizes and super affordable prices, Big Bite To Eat is the perfect dining experience for Kavos local and British tourist alike! Praised for its breakfast menu and amazing service, this is an easy choice for a Kavos meal!

outside view of big bite to eat restaurant in kavos


A newly refurbished restaurant in the centre of Kavos, Streetz is a great little gem for a cheap meal at a large portion. Grab a pizza or a classic English breakfast, either way, you’re going to get your money’s worth!

inside streetz bar 5 guys sitting at table with drinks

The Shack

Situated just off the beach, The Shack is a great spot to grab a bite after a day lounging on the sand! With welcoming service and relaxing, chilled out vibes all round, this a great option to try while in Kavos!

inside tables of the shack restaurant in kavos corfu

The Village

On the same road as The Shack, The Village offers its customers top notch service with an array of traditional Greek cuisines. Stick around for a little while and you might be lucky to see some Greek performers put on a show for the customers and plate smashing is a common practice here too!

outside view of the village restaurant in kavos


Kavos Daytime Activities

While we got your nights and most of your days sorted with the events package out in Kavos, you still have a few spare hours of sunshine to fill your week to explore the island!

Beaches galore

Kavos has some of the most beautiful beaches in Europe, so use some of your free time checking them out! The closest beach is the one right behind Quayside Village; you’ll find a lively atmosphere and heaps of beach games to get involved in!

long shot of the beach front in kavos corfu

The Water Fun Park

The Water Fun Park is a great option if you want to have a laugh with your mates as you navigate through the obstacle course on the ocean! There’s also always some water sports or beach games happening so get involved in those too!

water funpark on kavos beach

Hotel Pool Chilling

Sometimes nothing beats simply hanging out by the pool, soaking in the sun and working on your tan! This is also a great way to meet new people from your resort and make some holiday friends!

people swimming in a hotel pool in kavos


Kavos Music Scene

Kavos as lots of different events that showcase different types of music, so there’s usually something for everyone! The bars and pool parties play mostly chart music with some old throwbacks thrown in for good measure. Club Trinity @ Future is where the live acts are at! This year we had Tom Zanetti, Artful Dodger, Ramz, and loads more! So if the Hip Hop and R&B genre is your jam, this is the event for you!

People dancing in Future