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If you’re planning a holiday with 8 or more people, whether this be holidays for girl groups, lads, stags or hens, you’ll be able to take advantage of our amazing group booking benefits! This is a sure fire way to take your hen or stag-do, lads or girls group holiday to the next level!

Girl group party holiday

What’s The Point?

This is for those with that one mate who’s going to nag you for all the boarding passes and booking documents before you’ve even got the thing booked.

Booking this way is the hassle free route to getting your party holiday for 2021 sorted with little effort and will mean you’ll get one or more of the benefits shown below. We are the experts when it comes to booking your group party holidays, our reviews say it all! When you complete the form below, you’ll be contacted by one of our expert reps who have worked in the resort you have chosen. You’ll be able to chat to them anytime from their direct number they contact you from if you ever have any questions or problems.

girls group holiday

What Sort of Benefits Are There?

First and foremost, it’ll be one of our reps booking your holiday for you. However, if you’re the master of booking group party holidays, we can leave you to it and add-on one of the benefits below to your booking once you have paid. Just let the rep you’ve been talking to know that you’ve made the booking and we’ll be able to add on the agreed benefit to your order.

Dependent on the party destination you wish to travel to, the number of people in your group and the dates which you’d like to fly, there are different benefits available:

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Booking Discount

Money off your holiday booking price.

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VIP Upgrades

A table, bottle or ‘all areas access’ at the parties in your events package.

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Bonus Events

Tickets to events not included in your party package.

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Free Bars

The ultimate pre-drinking session before a party in your events package

How It Works

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We’ll throw in a special group bonus for you and your mates

🙌 Secure Your Space

If you like, your expert rep will book your holiday up for you meaning you can look forward to jetting off, hassle free!

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