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Malta is the new Ibiza! 2024 in Malta is set to a big one, and we can't wait to take you to this brand new destination on our list. We bring you all the best events Malta has to offer from pool parties overlooking the Mediterranean Sea to boat parties on the Mediterranean Sea PLUS beach clubs located just on the shore of the Mediterranean Sea - there seems to be a theme here. This is what makes us the top selling event package company in Europe!

When it comes to your Malta holiday events, you can buy single tickets if you're only there for a few days. BUT we recommend our best-selling Ultimate Events Package. We bundle all the events into one big package at a lower price than if you were to buy single tickets. Not only will you be saving loads of money - meaning more holiday spend - but you'll also be saving time too. Take the hassle out of organising, and let us take care of it for you.

Priority Offer for Summer 2024

This summer has been the biggest summer in Party Hard Travel history and we’re already gearing up because next summer is set to be looking EVEN BIGGER! 

The wildest party holidays that Malta has to offer are ready and waiting for 2024 and trust us when we say you HAVE to be there! Every year our events raise the bar and next year will be exactly the same - you are not going to want to miss out. Make sure you sign up for priority access and exclusive deals today

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2024 Events Coming Soon - 2023 Events Below

Malta Boat Party

Sun, sea and the open… air? No. The open bar! Hours and hours of drinks, games, and dancing as you watch the sunset and soak in the fresh sea air onboard the Malta Boat Party...

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“The events were amazing and the reps were even better. Organised amazingly and so much fun. Worth every penny and with definitely be buying again :))”

Alyss, 06/2023

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