Party Strip In Kavos

The Kavos strip is undeniably the place to be, and where you will spend the majority of your holiday, day or night. The majority of the goings on in Kavos all happen along the strip so make sure you get your hotel booked in a hotel that’s close. Shops, pre-drink bars, restaurants, clubs, arenas, it’s all there. You literally could not get lost if you stick to this road.

The whole strip is about 2km long with a lot of things to do and a lot of places to choose from. But you’ll soon get to know your favourite bars and become regulars there on your holiday. Take a read for all the info you need to know about Kavos.

Where is the Kavos Strip?

The Kavos strip is located in the south of the island of Corfu, when looking for holidays make sure you get hotels that are close to the strip, as there are some that are a little further out. Kavos is around an hour drive from Corfu airport. Be aware that some transfers may take longer if there’s a few drop offs!

If you arrive late at night you’ll see the nightlife in full swing as the coach goes down the strip. Party goers on the strip all run to the coach and bang on the sides like scenes from Billy Elliot, and this is where the atmosphere begins! If you haven’t got transfers booked you can get them at the airport (depending on time of day) or you can get a taxi, the taxi will be between 80 -100 euros, but if you have a group to fill a taxi you could split the cost.

Don’t worry about getting lost, everything you need is all on the one main road, with the beach just adjacent. You’ll also get maps an information from your reps when you arrive in resort.

Kavos Strip Map

Kavos Strip Street View

The Kavos Strip by Day

The Kavos strip by day will be a little bit different to how you remember it from the night before with most of the focus being on shops and restaurants. Shopping, get some food and do some water-sports on the beach, these are just some of the things you can get up in the days.

Chilled days are a must in Kavos as the Kavos nightlife is in a world of its own. The beach runs just next to the strip. So you’ll always have access to the beach! Top up the tan and relax throughout the day, nothing shifts the hangover like a bit of fresh beach air. Or even chill at your hotel pool and get to know those on holiday at the same time as you.

Or if you are wanting to continue your antics into the day head down to quayside hotel pool where there is always an atmosphere, day or night.

Take a look below at some of our top restaurants to get you over that hangover.

Restaurants on the Kavos Strip

Restaurants on the Kavos strip are open right from first thing in the morning through till late at night, so you’ll always have somewhere to get something to eat.

Our Party Hard Travel discount wristband will also get you some great discounts in some of these restaurants too! So make sure you look out for the discount signs in the restaurants or ask your reps for info.

Big Max Diner and Takeaway in Kavos Located on the Strip

Big Max’s

Located at the bottom of the strip and is great if you’re looking for value for money. Take advantage of their ANY 2 courses deal for €7. Plus, the portions are very generous here – they put the big in Big Max’s.s.

Sizzlers fully air-conditioned restaurant Kavos, Corfu


Sizzlers as a vast menu but is great for your grills and meats and is very reasonably priced. Just a couple of doors up from Big Max’s. If you’re walking past Sizzlers you can literally smell the great food coming from inside the restaurant.

Penny’s – Penny’s is the restaurant you go to if you’re in a group and everyone fancies something a little different. Their menu includes a little bit of everything, Greek dishes, classic English dishes, pasta dishes, salads, pizzas and much more and the staff are always very welcoming.

Desperado's Texican Saloon & Restaurant Located on the Strip in Kavos


The best fajitas on the strip without a doubt. Desperados offers everything you want from a Tex-Mex restaurant and is located in the middle of the strip.

Flames Family Restaurant, Kavos


Flames is located closer to the top of the strip and has a great family feel to it! Their breakfasts are second to none, and their chips are even better! If you’re going there for a meal make sure you order something that comes with chips, you won’t be disappointed.

Τhe Steak House Restaurant Kavos, Corfu

The Steakhouse

The Steakhouse again is at the top of the strip and if you’re looking for a bit more of a luxury meal at least once on your holiday, perhaps on your last day then definitely go there. Their steaks are famous in Kavos, ask anybody who does the best steak and The Steakhouse will always be their answer.

The Kavos Strip by Night

The Kavos nightlife is the reason you came to Kavos. As soon as the sun starts to set and daytime rolls into evening the strip literally comes alive. The atmosphere will be buzzing with people often dancing in the open bars and spilling out on to the street. Just be aware that the Kavos strip doesn’t close to traffic at night so there are often cars, bikes an coaches going up and down so make sure you’re cautious of these. The road isn’t very wide so the reps will do their best to keep you to the side when there’s ongoing traffic, they’re not being boring, and they’re just doing their jobs in keeping you safe – so please listen to them. Nobody wants to end up in the medical centre.

Penalty shootouts, bars galore and lights and music coming from every angle. It is literally LIT from top to bottom.

You’ll get to know your favourite places to drink for pre-drinks in no time. But take a look at some of our favourite bars below.

Bars on the Kavos Strip

JC'S Bar Kavos home of the Haribo Headfucker!


If you’re starting at Quayside at the bottom of the strip this should be your next stop for sure. The DJ – known as DJ MadF**ker is something of a celebrity in Kavos, with many people even going home with tattoos of him (which we don’t recommend). The only bar in Kavos to offer beer pong get yourself down there and get a game on.

Entrance Sign at Legends Bar in Kavos


Just on the corner at the bottom of the strip one of the other first must-stop places before your big night. Dancing platforms and a DJ/light show round the back get in there and take advantage of the drink deals

Outside Scorers Sports Bar in Kavos, Corfu


Scorers will be your next stop after legends. It’s guaranteed to be busy! Current chart music mixed in with a little bit of scream-along classics. You’re bound to lose your voice in this one.

Evening Outside Rockys Bar in Kavos, Corfu


Just a little bit up from scorers is Rocky’s, one of the bigger bars on the strip. But it’s still likely to be just as busy! Get yourself in and involved in the atmosphere.

42nd Street Bar in Kavos Central Market, Corfu, Greece

42nd Street

The buzz at 42nd street can be seen all the way through the bar. It can even be felt from the people spilling out on to the strip. This bar will have you jumping around from the minute you get in until the minute you leave.

Inside the Buzz Bar, Kavos, Greece


If you’re into your cheesy classics and enjoy shouting Mr Brightside as loud as you can then make sure you give BuzzPop bar a visit.

The Street outside the Empire Bar and Club in Kavos


Empire is your go-to bar if you like to dance to something a bit more commercial.

Snobs the Legendary Urban Bar & Club in Kavos, Home of RnB, Grime and HipHop


Snobs is the best on the strip for all things RnB, Grime and HipHop. There really is no other place that compares! There is never a dull night in Snobs.

Clubs on the Kavos Strip

The strip in Kavos is jam-packed with bars, but when it comes to clubs there’s just the one. But this is the place to be. At the end of the night you can guarantee this is where everyone will be, making it the busiest place on the strip.

Partygoers Queueing up outside Future Nightclub in Kavos


Future is the one and only club in Kavos and is the heart of the action each and every night. What’s more is with the Ultimate Events Package you’ll have your entry covered so you won’t miss the biggest and best events that go on there. From Trinity Live to Paint Party and more!

Hotels near the Kavos Strip

In order to get the best experience, we only offer hotels that have been highly rated by previous Party Harders, and if you book your holiday or hotel through us you’ll get our Kavos Essential Events Package included for FREE.

Kavos is full of hotels to host thousands of people each and every year. There are a lot that are very close to the strip and some that of course aren’t, make sure you check where your hotel is on the map before booking. Some of our popular hotels such as Quayside Village sell out fast so get yours booked to avoid disappointment.

You’ll be charged a Tourist Tax when checking in. This amount is dependent on the star rating of the hotel, the number of nights you are staying, and the number of rooms booked. The amount is not typically more than 5 euros per night. It’s also very normal in party resorts for hotels to charge a returnable room deposit. These room deposits are typically €50 euros per person and returned to you after your stay (providing you haven’t had the paint party in your room!). You’ll get these deposits back after the hotel staff give your room a check over when you check-out so don’t go too hard the night before – give yourself plenty of time to check-out and get to the airport.

More than likely, there will be a damages list in your room. You don’t want to blow your spending money on any new furniture so treat the place with respect. After all, this is going to be your home for the week. Get your holiday to Kavos booked now by checking out the available hotels. Don’t forget, we are the only travel agency to offer you the Essentials Events Package worth £100 completely free!

Is Kavos a good party holiday?

Kavos has been one of the most popular youth resorts in Greece for thirty years with up to seven thousand holidaymakers each week from mid-June until mid-September flocking to the white sandy beaches and crazy nightlife! Kavos is famous for clear turquoise sea water, beautiful beaches, the nightlife and the pool parties.

Where is the main nightlife in Kavos?

Kavos’ nightlife and party scene is found in the south of the island of Corfu. There’s one main strip which has many off-roads hosting bars, restaurants and hotels all within a kilometre. The beach is adjacent to The Strip rather than leading down to it like other resorts.

What are the current COVID-19 restrictions for Kavos?

Passengers arriving in Greece do not need to show a proof of COVID vaccination, a negative COVID test, or a certificate of recovery from COVID. You do not need to complete a Passenger Locator Form (PLF). Travellers are still required to wear a mask on public transport.

Does Kavos have good nightlife?

If you’re seeking an exciting night out that’s sure to get your heart pumping, Kavos nightlife is sure to deliver and even exceed your high expectations. Known for its palm-lined beaches, warm weather and vibrant nightlife, Kavos offers a party holiday unlike anything you’ve ever experienced. Whether you want to crack open a beer on the beach or hit a hilarious foam party at midnight, you’ve got everything you could possibly ask for from a clubbing hotspot in Kavos.

Kavos is home to a decent selection of bars but it’s more known for its clubs. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t chill out with friends and enjoy a few beers in the local pub before making the town your own later in the night.

Is Kavos good for a lads holiday?

With great value for money, crazy clubs and awesome parties, Kavos is one of the original lads holiday destinations and still holds up as a good choice for your getaway in 2023.

How much is a pint of beer in Kavos?

With Kavos being on the less expensive side of party holidays, you don’t need to worry about accidentally breaking the bank after one pint too many. While the cost will depend on venue/location, you can generally expect to pay around €4-6 for a pint of beer.


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