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Malia has white sandy beaches, cool blue waters and stunning Greek scenery you’ll struggle to believe this island is as cheap as it is. And don’t let the tranquil settings fool you, Crete turns into a beast at night, one of the best lads and girls party resorts with plenty of 18-30 bars and clubs to choose from you’ll struggle to find the time to fit everything in. Search now to find your ultimate 2024 Malia clubbing holiday.


Malia 2024 is looking like the biggest summer ever! Our Malia FINAL RELEASE Ultimate Events Package has the TOP events on the island included such as Malia Booze Cruise, Champagne Sessions Pool Party, Agenda Beach Club Party and many more!

Ultimate Events Package table - Malia Final Release

With 8 of the most unmissable events included in total, you don’t want to miss this!

Expect to see the BIGGEST line-ups and the HOTTEST events this summer, and believe us when we tell you this will SELL OUT! With peak season dates selling out already, make sure you’re securing your events package today for only a £30pp deposit.

  • When to Go to Malia
  • Weather
  • Health & Safety
  • Money & ATMs
  • The season in Malia starts in the first week of June, this is when the events and clubs have their opening parties and the season really kicks in! If you’re wanting to get your holiday a little cheaper the first few weeks of June are the best option, plus the clubs always put on a show for their first big nights! Malia’s peak season are during the months of July and August, this is when the weather is at its hottest and Malia is full of holiday goers throughout. The season and all the events run from June all the way through to the beginning of September, so be sure to book your holiday within these dates! When’s cheapest and when’s busiest we hear you ask, check out the answers below:


    The cheapest time to go to Malia is within the first couple of weeks of June and the last week of August. Peak season is a little more expensive, so if you’re looking to save money but still have a great time attending all the events than June or late august it is.


    Malia will be at its busiest during July and the first couple of weeks of August. This is when the streets will be at their fullest. If you’re looking to go during the busiest times then be sure to back in these months.

  • If you’re coming to Crete with us this summer you’re guaranteed good weather! The average temperature in Crete is often well into the 30s and sometimes even reaches the 40s. Couple that up with 12 hours of sunshine a day, you’re definitely going to come back with a tan. The hottest months to visit Malia are July and August, this is when the weather is at its peak. June and September you’re still guaranteed to have good weather. Rain, never heard of it. Crete gets an average of 2 days rain during the summer months, so you won’t be needing your brollies. Here are some top tips:

    Make sure you wear sun protection, especially when you’re going to be under the sun for long periods such as the booze cruise or pool party. Nothing ruins a holiday more than sunburn.

    Air-Con in most hotels is an additional charge. So just be prepared to pay for this if you want it. It is usually charged on a per room basis, so you can split the cost with your group.

  • Before you head out to Crete, make sure you have adequate travel and medical insurance. Different insurance providers cover for different things, so make sure you read what cover you will get carefully before just going for the cheapest option – nobody wants to be hit with a big medical bill for a minor accident.

    Although this should not be used as a substitute for insurance, you should consider taking a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). All current EHIC cards are valid until their expiry dates. If your EHIC card has expired you will need to apply for the new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). For more information please visit the following uk government advice Visit Europe from 1 January 2021 – GOV.UK (

    In the unfortunate event of you falling ill on holiday, there are a number of places that you can seek medical help in Malia. For minor ailments, you can use the chemist and for more serious problems there is a medical centre located in the middle of the strip. The medical centre provides a 24-hour service to tourists and locals in the Malia area. Please be advised that most medical centres operate privately, which is why we recommend travel insurance. The nearest state hospital is located in Heraklion.

    Passports and Visas

    You will need an additional 6 months validity on your passport from the end date of your holiday. Plus your passport must not be more than 10 years old. For more info please visit the following government advice Visit Europe from 1 January 2021 – GOV.UK (

    Police and Security

    If you are in need of any police assistance, there is a police station located in Hersonissos and also one located in Heraklion. In cases of emergency, dial the emergency number 112 to be put directly through to police. A lot of the hotels in Malia have their own security guards, so should you need to report anything in or around your hotel, make sure you go to them.

  • You will find a number of ATMs in Malia, but before you use them, be sure to check with your bank how much they will charge you to withdraw, as most ATMs will charge you a transaction fee. A number of clubs, bars and restaurants allow you to pay by card, however not everywhere will, so be sure to have a combination of cash and card. You can also use prepaid currency cards when you stay which allow you to top up an amount before you leave and budget your spending. There are also new online banks that are perfect for when you go abroad as they allow you to withdraw a certain amount of money and use your card to a certain limit without any extra charges. Some of our reps use these cards too! Check which ones best suit you.

Top 3 Recommended Malia Hotels

Happy Days

10 minute walk from the Strip
20 minute walk from the beach

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