Top 5 Instagrammable Hotspots in Kavos

If Kavos, in Corfu Greece is your destination for your lads’ or girls’ holiday this summer, then your Instagram feed is in for a treat as Kavos has it all, from gorgeous beaches to some of the very best party events in all of Europe. Here are 5 of Kavos’ most Instagrammable locations.

1) Quayside Village

Some of Party Hard’s best Kavos Insta posts are from Quayside Village and for summer ‘21 it can be you and your friends who are tagging themselves @quaysidevillage at the Champagne Spray Pool Party! Get that Champagne cork popping and that camera clicking as you capture your time at what is officially Europe’s best pool party- as voted by Party Harders in 2020!

Sitting round the swimming pool of the Quayside Village apartment complex

2) Arkoudilas Beach

Create a post with a difference by taking a visit to Arkoudilas Beach. Sure, it’s about 3km from Kavos and will take you about 40 minutes to walk to, but this secluded beach is definitely worth it! The rugged green mountains, golden sand and turquoise water is just the backdrop for some moody shots looking out to sea. It’s time to #travel to #arkoudilasbeach.

Rugged green mountains, golden sands and turquoise water of Arkoudilas Beach

3) Welcome to the Jungle

Keep your feed fresh as you #welcometothejungle in #Kavos2024. Welcome to the Jungle was our brand new event for 2019 and it’s back again for 2024 in Kavos. Admit it, a giant inflatable banana and some cheetah face paint is just what your Instagram has been waiting for!

Girl with green hair and snake skin outfit onstage at Party Hard at The Zoo event

4) Blue Lagoon

One of the most Instagrammable spots in all of Corfu, the Blue Lagoon is true desert island fantasy! Luckily for you, you don’t even need to make a special trip to capture the beauty as the Kavos Booze Cruise includes a stop at the Blue Lagoon. Greek BBQ, beach Olympics and a private beach- was anything ever more #instaready than this?!

Swimming at the Corfu's Blue Lagoon fantasy beach

5) Kavos Jetty

Get that perfect long distance shot of you stood on the wooden deck stretching out to sea at the Kavos Jetty. It’s an #instatravel winner! And with all these awesome Instagrammable hotspots waiting for you in Kavos, isn’t it time to get booking your 2024 party holiday?

Group posing at sunset on Kavos's wooden deck jetty


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