When is the Best Time To Go To Kavos?

Some of you may be thinking about when to go to Kavos. It’s a question we receive a lot, not just about Kavos, but about all of our destinations. Whilst there’s no specific answer on when the best time to go is, we’ve put together some information for you to help you make your decision. Whether you want a bargain or are looking for the busiest time, we got you covered with all the info you need to know.

The Kavos Season

The season in Kavos starts at the beginning of June. This is when the events will start to all open up and have their very first parties for the season. Things in Kavos tend to go on a little bit longer than our other Greek destinations, with the events running up to around mid-September. Throughout this time Kavos will be full of people heading for nights out, pool parties, boat parties and more each and every week. If you’re wanting to get involved with all of this, make sure you book your holiday within this timeframe!

Check out our Kavos events calendar!

The Busiest Time for Kavos

Like most of our other resorts July is the busiest time to visit Kavos. This is when most will have finished exams or university for the year and will be flocking to Kavos in the thousands. The lively strip, the venues, and the events will be buzzing with atmosphere during the month of July (that’s not to say that the other months won’t be busy too)! Expect to pay a little bit more for your holiday during July or the first couple of weeks of August, but if you’re looking for the busiest, then this would definitely be the time to go.

The Cheapest Time to Head to Kavos A bit of bargain hunting never hurt anyone. If you’re wanting to go to Kavos and experience all it has to offer but save a few pennies, we’ve got you covered. The cheapest time to go would be towards the beginning of the season. First couple of weeks of June are always the cheapest! Plus the earlier you get your holiday secured the better deal you’ll get. After that the prices start to go up until around mid-late August, and then the prices start to go down again, so looking for holidays towards the end of August is also an option for saving those pennies!


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