Best Places To Experience The Zante Nightlife

Zante is a spectacular Greek party island with amazing 18-30 style nightlife to match. Think clear blue seas by day and absolutely going off at night. You’re guaranteed to return with some legendary tales after you’ve experienced everything Zante can throw at you! Search now to find your ultimate 2024 Zante clubbing holiday.


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  • When To Go
  • Weather
  • Health & Safety
  • Money & ATMs
  • When To Go

    Our Zante season starts on the first week of June and runs right through until the first week of September, this is when the big clubs and events will all be running so if you choose a date between these times then you’re guaranteed to have a good time. The events run on a weekly schedule so you won’t be missing out on anything either. Once the season starts the Island just gets busier and busier week after week, with peak season being the month of July – that’s when Zante will be at its busiest. A lot of customers ask 2 main questions. When’s the busiest time to go or when’s the cheapest time to go. So we’re going to break it down for you.


    The cheapest time to go would be the first few weeks of June and the last week of August. These times aren’t as busy as say July but there is still a buzz about the Island. Plus, who doesn’t like getting served quicker at the bar and getting their holiday for a bargain price?


    The busiest time to go is the month of July and the first week or so of August. In these times the events are likely to be at their busiest at the atmosphere will be buzzing. You’ll be sure to meet loads of others and have a great time.

  • Weather

    On average Zante only has around 3 days of rainfall across the summer months, so with stats like that, you’re guaranteed to have good weather, why else would you go on holiday? Temperatures can pick up in May and continue to get hotter during June, July and August. Temperatures are often above 30·C and sometimes are even hitting the 40s, especially during peak season in mid-July. Here are some top tips for the weather in Zante:

    Make sure you drink plenty of water in the day. Especially if you’re drinking in the night times.

    Don’t underestimate the sun. You will burn! You may be invincible after a couple of pints but nobody can take on the sun. Wear sun protection.

    The nights can still be warm. It’s not unusual to see people out and about in shorts and t-shirts.

    If you want to get air-con for your room, most hotels will have an additional charge per room. We recommend keeping it on during the day to cool your room and turning it off right before you sleep.

  • Health & Safety

    Before you head out to Zante, make sure you have adequate travel and medical insurance. Different insurance providers cover for different things, so make sure you read what cover you will get carefully before just going for the cheapest option – nobody wants to be hit with a big medical bill for a minor accident.

    Although this should not be used as a substitute for insurance, you should consider taking a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). All current EHIC cards are valid until their expiry dates. If your EHIC card has expired you will need to apply for the new Global Health Insurance Card (GHIC). For more information please visit the following uk government advice Visit Europe from 1 January 2021 – GOV.UK (

    In the unfortunate event of you falling ill on holiday, there are a number of places that you can seek medical help in Zante. For minor ailments, you can use the chemist and for more serious problems there are a number of private medical centres on the strip. Iassis Medical Centre is located at the bottom of the strip, opposite Sizzle Club and provides a 24-hour service to tourists and locals in the Laganas area. Please be advised that most medical centres operate privately, which is why we recommend travel insurance.

    Passports and Visas

    You will need an additional 6 months validity on your passport from the end date of your holiday. Plus your passport must not be more than 10 years old. For more info please visit the following government advice Visit Europe from 1 January 2021 – GOV.UK (

    Police and Security

    There is a police station in Laganas, located just off of the main strip. Should you have any enquiries or need police assistance during your stay, you can call +302 6950 51251, 52022. There is also a tourist police department in Zakynthos +302 6950 27367. A lot of the hotels employ their own security staff in Laganas, so you can feel safe wherever you go. In cases of emergency, dial 112 to be put through to the emergency services.

  • Money & ATMs

    You will find a number of ATMs in Zante, but before you use them, be sure to check with your bank how much they will charge you to withdraw, as most ATMs will charge you a transaction fee. A number of clubs, bars and restaurants allow you to pay by card, however not everywhere will, so be sure to have a combination of cash and card. You can also use prepaid currency cards when you stay which allow you to top up an amount before you leave and budget your spending. There are also new online banks that are perfect for when you go abroad as they allow you to withdraw a certain amount of money and use your card to a certain limit without any extra charges. Some of our reps use these cards too! Check which ones best suit you.

    In terms of ATM use, the best ones to use are the ones owned by Euronet. These are located all around the strip and can be spotted by their distinctive blue and yellow design. These cashpoints usually have better exchange rates and may charge less than local private banks for withdrawals. Top tip – you don’t always have to accept the ATMs conversion rate – if you believe your bank provides a better one exchange rate then click decline conversion.

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