What is Kavos really like? A Party Hard Travel Guide

Like most party holiday destinations, Kavos has gained a bit of a bad reputation. Pictures of scandal and sin scatter the tabloids, but is this all that Kavos has to offer? Of course not!

Every tourist destination has a few holidaymakers that take drinking slightly too far, but it’s unfair to judge a whole place just because of a few bad eggs. Kavos has so much more to offer than just binge drinking and one night stands, and we are here to set the records straight!

Beautiful Setting

Situated on the Greek island paradise of Corfu, Kavos is a purpose built town to provide the best entertainment for British tourists aged 17-30 looking to party. With so many beautiful hotels and exciting things to do, it is no wonder thousands of partiers flock here every year to have the holiday of their lives.

Perfect First Party Holiday Destination

Kavos is the perfect destination for a first time party holidayer, with it’s relatively small size compared to places like Ibiza and Magaluf. However, going on holiday for the first time can be a daunting experience for anyone, there’s a risk of being ripped off or over drinking, but there’s no need to worry! In Kavos we have several responsible Party Hard reps who are there to ensure that everyone has the most enjoyable and safest holiday possible. 

In-Resort Reps

Unlike some party holiday companies, whose Reps treat working abroad like an extended bender, we select Reps who exhibit exceptional responsibility, leadership and problem solving skills, and we are confident that they will deliver on making your holiday in Kavos the best that it can be. Our Reps are on hand for any situation that may arise, whether big or small, and of course, they also want to ensure that you have fun!

Anastasia Kingsnorth and Haz Chadwick in Quayside Village Kavos

Unforgettable Experiences

The biggest appeal to young people going on party holidays is to make lots of amazing memories. Whether it is the end of their A-Levels, celebrating a birthday or just wanting to have a good time, the most important thing is to remember their holiday and the experiences they had.

Incredible Events

Young people today are less into binge drinking than they were a couple of years ago, and instead are looking for new and exciting experiences to enjoy when on holiday. Party Hard’s Ultimate Events Package is the perfect way to do this. Pool parties, boat trips, and of course, differently themed club nights are all offered and supervised by the reps to ensure that everyone is having the best time. And when you look at the pictures taken by the club photographers instead of seeing people making fools of themselves, instead you’ll see the smiles of people who are having the time of their lives!

But there’s more to Kavos and the island of Corfu than just partying! There are plenty of opportunities to do other things such as going sightseeing to places like Corfu Town, testing your bravery by doing some water sports or even visiting water parks. 

Loads of Hotels

To make sure you make the most out of your time in Kavos, planning what you want to do and the type of nights you want to go on is essential. Nothing is worse than showing up at a hotel and finding that it looks nothing like the website, so we suggest reading reviews on Tripadvisor whilst looking for a place to stay to ensure you are choosing the perfect place for you and your friends. Furthermore, looking at the type of club nights you want to go in is always a good thing to research, plus if you book in advance you can avoid being ripped off on the strip! If you want any other ideas for what to do whilst you are in Kavos, you can check out the handy guides on the Party Hard website. Plus, if you need some advice on what to do whilst you are on holiday, our helpful Reps are always on hand to recommend fun places to go and things to do. 

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