The Malia Strip: The Ultimate Nightlife Guide, 2024

The Malia strip is a long road in Malia and is where everything happens on your Malia nightlife. It starts at the top where you can find restaurants shops and bars and goes down to the middle where most of the clubs are situated. If you go further down, you’ll find more shops, restaurants and bars. Keep going to the bottom and you’ll find the Malia beach. It really does have everything on the one road. Most of the hotels in Malia are a short walking distance from the main strip, even the ones situated in the old town are only a 10-minute walk away max!

The strip is about 2km long and is full of different bars and clubs to suit all. If you are in a big group who all like different kinds of music, Malia is the perfect place for you. Explore all the bars on your first night and you’ll soon find somewhere that you love. Take a look at our ultimate guide below for information on your Malia holiday.

Where is the Malia Strip?

The Malia Strip is in Malia, located in the Heraklion area of Crete in the North East of the Island. Malia is located about a 45-minute drive from Heraklion airport. You can get a taxi from the airport for a set price of €50. If you are travelling in a group, then you can split the cost. If your booking with us comes with a transfer just be aware it may take a little longer depending on the number of stops.

Don’t worry about getting lost, everything you need is on the one main road with the beach right at the bottom. You’ll get a map in your welcome meeting with the reps along with all the information you need for the week.

Malia Strip Map

Malia Strip Street View

The Malia Strip by Day

The Malia strip by day will be completely different to the night-time, with most of the bars and clubs preparing for the night ahead the focus shifts to the shops and restaurants, but there is still plenty to do. Try out some of the many restaurants the strip has to offer. They have great prices and the portions are always very generous. Shift that hangover with a big plate of grub and you’ll be ready for the night ahead. Or head down to the beach and get yourself a cocktail or try out some water sports. Don’t forget to take full advantage of your Malia Discount Wristband wherever you can.

If you’re wanting to just chill in the day then head down to your hotel pool, most will also have poolside bars that serve food and drinks all day.

If you’re wanting to continue the sesh then get yourselves down to Oasis Pool Bar situated behind Apollo club. If it isn’t pool party day then it’s free entry to all. On pool party days however, it is only entry by ticket or with the Ultimate Events Package.

Restaurants on the Malia Strip

Restaurants on the Malia strip are not hard to come by. There’s a lot of choice so you’ll definitely find something – even for the fussiest of eaters. Take a look at some of our favourite places below.

Inside the George and Dragon Restaurant in Malia Resort, Crete

George & Dragon

George and Dragon is right at the top of the strip and the home to your welcome meetings and a lot of other pre party meeting points. As such you’ll get a discount here all week! Their menu has everything you could possibly want and is very reasonably priced. Oh, and any big games you’re wanting to watch whilst you’re away, they will definitely show it here

Guests dining inside the Bull, Steak House Restaurant in Malia Resort, Crete

The Bull

If you’re wanting the best steak on the strip, this is definitely the place to go. This grill house is perfect for meat lovers.

Exterior of the Red Lion Traditional English Bar and Restaurant in Malia Resort, Crete

Red Lion

Red Lion is your home from home comfort food type of place. With pub classics and homestyle cooking you can’t go wrong.

Tables Laid at the Avli Greek Cretan Cuisine Restaurant in Malia Resort, Crete


Avli is located on a road just opposite the top of the main strip. This is your go-to if you’re looking for a more classic Greek dining experience. Everything is cooked fresh to order with traditional Greek ingredients.

The Malia Strip Nightlife

The strip at night is the information you all came for, and we don’t blame you. The Malia strip at night is the place to be. Start your night right at the top of the strip and make your way down to the clubs further along. The Malia strip doesn’t close to traffic at night so just stick to the paths and watch the roads when you cross.

Play a bit of beer pong, try your luck at penalty shoot-out or try a new cocktail, the choice is yours. Make sure you pay attention to the PRs outside the bars too, as they can often get you deals that you can’t get if you just walked in and went to the bar.

You’ll get to know your favourite places to drink for pre-drinks in no time. But take a look at some of our favourite bars below.

Bars on the Malia Strip

Guests Gathering outside the cabana style Havana Club Bar in Malia Resort, Crete


Havana is your first stop bar located at the top of the strip. A double storey cabana style barthat plays the best of European dance music – don’t know it until you’ve tried it.

Guests Enjoying the Hospitality of the Street Bar in Malia Resort, Crete

Street Bar

The home of the only beer pong tables in Malia. No pre-drinks are complete without a game of beer pong. Get a jug of beer in and start your night off right.

Pop! – If you like your cheesy pop music then Pop! is a no-brainer. The best of the 80s, 90s and naughties. If the cheese room of any UK club is your favourite room then you are guaranteed to have a good time at Pop!

Mint Cocktail Bar Early Evening Waiting For Guests to Arrive in Malia Resort, Crete


This is for those who like to make their friends’ jealous on Instagram. Chill out in their big comfortable chairs and get that pic for the gram – coconut cocktail in-hand.

Lush Bar Entrance the Official Pre-bar for Apollo Club in Malia Resort, Crete


The official pre-bar for Apollo – your Apollo nights start here. Newly innovated for 2020, this pre-drink bar will be the best RnB pre-party on the strip.

Bar B – Going to Malia Live at Candy Club? Great, this is your pre-bar for your Wednesdays at Candy. Watch from across the road as the doors for Candy open and the production begins. Candy never fails to put on a show each and every Wednesday.

Clubs on the Malia Strip

Lux Club – Brand new club opening for 2024. We’re excited to see what this new club has to offer – watch this space!

Apollo Club the RnB, Grime and Urban Venue in Malia Resort, Crete


Apollo is Malia’s only RnB, Grime and Urban club and is guaranteed to be busy! With classy black décor and a buzzing atmosphere it’s the place to be. Secure your space on the dancefloor early.

Exterior of Zig Zag Club by Day in Heraklion, Malia Beach, Crete

Zig Zag Club

This is your official pre-drink place before heading into Zig Zag. With a classy chilled out vibe, head in and enjoy table service for you and your friends as you get the drinks in before heading to your club event!

Exterior of Candy Club by Night on the Strip in Malia Resort, Crete


Candy hosts some of the biggest name in the current charts and never falls short of an amazing night out! The queues to get into the club reflect that. So, make sure you get down there early to avoid queues.

Hotels near the Malia Strip

In order to get the best experience, we only offer hotels that have been highly rated by previous Party Harders, and if you book your holiday or hotel through us you’ll get our Malia Essential Events Package included for FREE.

Malia is full of hotels to host thousands of people each and every year. There are a lot that are very close to the strip and some that of course aren’t, but you’re not likely to be in a hotel that’s more than a 10-15 minute walk. You’ll be charged a Tourist Tax when checking in. This amount is dependent on the star rating of the hotel, the number of nights you are staying, and the number of rooms booked. The amount is not typically more than 5 euros per night. It’s also very normal in party resorts for hotels to charge a returnable room deposit. These room deposits are typically €50 euros per person and returned to you after your stay (providing you haven’t had the paint party in your room!). You’ll get these deposits back after the hotel staff give your room a check over when you check-out so don’t go too hard the night before – give yourself plenty of time to check-out and get to the airport.


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