Top 5 Instagrammable Hotspots in Malia

Instagrammability might not be THE most important thing when it comes to booking your 2024 party holiday, but it sure doesn’t hurt. Choose Malia in Crete, Greece for your lads’ or girls’ clubbing break and let the sights and sounds of Malia make their way onto your Insta Stories! Here are 5 of Malia’s most Instagrammable hotspots:

1) Malia Booze Cruise

Crowned the Best Boat Party in Europe by 2019 Party Harders, this is your chance to hop aboard the #maliaboozecruise and party your way through the Med, teasing the folks at home with tantalising posts on your Insta feed. It’s pure #instagood.

Posing on the rigging of the party boat of the Malia Booze Cruise

2) Old Town

You can’t go all the way to Greece and not experience some authentic Greek culture and Malia’s Old Town has it all! From stone houses with brightly painted shutters for that epic #instatravel shot to traditional tavernas to check out the Greek dancing and local food (capturing it all of course), your Insta will be all the better and brighter for a trip to Malia’s Old Town!

Boats moored in the harbour of Malia's old town featuring the brightly painted stone houses

3) Pleasure Beach

Your #malia2024 party holiday just wouldn’t be complete without a visit to the Malia Pleasure Beach! Located right on the beach, you just need your ‘I Love Malia’ t-shirt and your lads and girls around you, and no-one will be in any doubt that you’re having the best time on your 2024 Malia party holiday!

Blue sea, blue skys and sunbeds on Malia Beach

4) Welcome to the Jungle

Did you know this was one of the events included for free with your Essentials Events Package for 2024? Grab your glitter, apply your jungle war paint or just turn up like the party animal you are! Welcome To The Jungle is the must-have event for creating those #instamoments.

Girl dancing with inflatable pink flamingo at the famous jungle event

5) Potamos Beach

If you’re a proper Insta fiend then you need to know that just a 40 minute stroll from Malia is Potamos Beach. This is the ultimate paradise beach and one of the most #instaworthy in all of Crete! More chilled than the beaches you’ll find in Malia, #potamosbeach is where the Insta magic happens! Better get booking your 2024 Malia party holiday today!

Picturesque rocky cove at Malia's tranquil Potamos Beach


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