What is Malia really like? A Party Hard Travel Guide

Every year, thousands of young people visit Malia for it’s beautiful beaches, gorgeous weather, and obviously, it’s parties! However, party holiday destinations such as this tend to get a bad reputation, being infamous for ‘sun, sea and sex’, which can be worrying for parents or anxious holidayers who don’t want to engage in the overdrinking culture. However, Malia is so much more than just it’s reputation, we want to dispel the myths and tell you what Malia is really like.

The time when young people just went on holiday to get dangerously drunk and make stupid mistakes are over. Nowadays, tourists looking to engage in intoxicated escapades have been replaced by people who want to have a great time with their friends and remember it in the morning. There is no better place to do this than Malia, often referred to as the party capital of Crete, and it’s not hard to see why, with all the unmissable club nights, events and parties that take place year after year! 

Events Packages

However, like all party destinations that are targeted towards young people who might be on their first party holiday, there is a chance that you could be ripped off. Local party vendors often overcharge for expensive events packages which can leave tourists with not much of their holiday funds left. To avoid this, we suggest buying your events package before you fly and ensure that you get the best deal and access to the hottest events in Malia. 

We believe that the Party Hard Events Package is the best in the whole Malia resort. With access to so many different events like, a booze cruise, the champagne sessions and a full moon party! With sensational live music, exclusive VIP guests and all round good vibes, these events are not ones you want to miss out on! Purchasing our Ultimate Events Package is the way to get the best deal on all these hot events, for only £129 for access to the events and other benefits that come along with being a Party Harder. This package has all the highlights of Malia’s nightlife, so you can experience what Malia is really like for yourself.

Malia Booze Cruise

In-Resort Reps

Plus, our amazing reps are always at hand at the resort and events to ensure that you have the best and safest holiday possible. Holiday reps generally tend to get a reputation as just being people who treat their work like an extended holiday for themselves, but this couldn’t be less true when it comes to our Party Hard reps. We select individuals who are responsible and confident with excellent communication skills. The main aim of our reps is to guarantee that the Party Hard experience is achieved for each and every person who comes on holiday with us. This involves ensuring that everyone gets all the best vibes, music and events that are needed to have a banging party holiday!

Safety First

Drinking in excess is never encouraged at our events, and we put a time limit on features such as free bars to ensure that everyone remains safe! This way, everyone can have a good time without having to worry about intoxicated friends or embarrassing themselves. Nowadays, instead of seeing pictures of drunken tourists throwing up and exposing themselves in the tabloids, what you will really see in Malia is the smiling faces of young people having the time of their lives. Just look at the pictures yourself across our website and social media!

Loads To Do

But Malia has more to offer than just drinking and partying! There’s beautiful beaches, water sports, quad biking, a waterpark and so many other cool places to explore. To get all the top tips on what to do and where to go, check out the handy guides on our website or ask your Party Hard reps when you arrive. 

We can’t wait for you to join us in Malia for summer 2024, a year that looks to be jam packed full of fun events and unforgettable parties. A Party Hard holiday is the best way to make timeless memories with your mates, meet like-minded people and to generally just have the best summer of your life!

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Malia FAQs

Is Malia a good party holiday?

Yes, Malia is one of the best 18-30 party destinations in Europe and for good reason! With temperatures in the summer months averaging around 26℃, Malia’s ideal if you want to top up your tan on a lively beach. However, as the sun starts to slip over the horizon, Malia nightlife shows its mischievous side. Sitting just 40 minutes east of the capital, this coastal town has some of the best beaches on the island, plenty of water sports, ancient Greek ruins, and natural wonders. Once the sun sets, things kick up a gear. Rivalling the likes of Ibiza, Malia nightlife is perfect if you want to relax by day and party into the small hours.

Where is the main nightlife in Malia?

Beach Road (Malia’s main strip) is full of bars and clubs (most of which are free to get in). If you’re looking for the best nightlife in Malia, then put Dimokratias Street at the top of your list. Known locally as ‘Beach Road’ or ”The Strip’ by the locals, this is the place to find the best bars and clubs. Malia nightlife is hot and hectic, with clubs overflowing and the party spilling out onto the streets. The Strip is a clubber’s paradise, with each club offering promotions and deals to attract you inside.

Does Malia have good nightlife?

One thing is for certain with this Greek island -the Malia nightlife is buzzing! Whether you want a cheeky cocktail, a fishbowl, or a classic unbeatable pint, Malia has it all! There’s plenty of bars and clubs to be explored, all spread out across the main strip so they are easy for you to visit. Overall, the nightlife vibe is incredible – it’s the perfect place for an 18-30 holiday.

Where is the party strip in Malia?

If you’re looking for the best nightlife in Malia, then put Dimokratias Street at the top of your list. Known locally as ‘Beach Road’ or ”The Strip’ by the locals, this is the place to find the best bars and clubs.

What time do people go out in Malia?

In Malia, people mostly tend to head out at around 11pm so expect the Strip and all the surrounding nightlife to become more lively from this time! Clubs close around 5am so you have plenty of time to party the night away.

Do you have to pay to get into clubs in Malia?

Whether you have to pay an entrance fee or not is dependent on each individual venue. A lot of the bars will have completely free entry but nightclubs will vary.

Is Malia good for a lads holiday?

If you’re after a lads holiday, Malia is definitely a great choice! With miles of sandy beaches, cheap nights out and an incredible buzzing atmosphere, you’ve got everything you need to enjoy the summer of your life with you and the lads.

Is Malia strip expensive?

In comparison to other destinations, the Malia Strip prices would certainly be considered reasonable. Average drinks prices differ depending on your location and the venue you are in, but you can expect to see drinks often from around €3-5.

What is Malia like in Crete?

For those looking to enjoy the party holiday of a lifetime, Malia is the place to be. This town on the island of Crete is bustling with life and there’s something to do at all times. During the day, the glistening beach is a great place to head to for a spot of swimming, sunbathing and soaking up the sun. There are plenty of delicious restaurants and cafes dotted around within easy reach and souvenir shops aplenty so you can stock up on all your holiday memorabilia and gifts! As the sun sets and the day fades into night, Malia’s atmosphere turns into a buzzing party hub. With countless bars, taverns and big nightclubs to accommodate the party lifestyle, there are many options for you to explore throughout your holiday. This Greek town is truly a well rounded destination and is the perfect place to enjoy your next party getaway.


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