Things To Do In Laganas Zante

When you book a holiday to Zante, the obvious thing on everybody’s mind is what to do at night and where to go. But if you want to really make the most of your holiday we’ve put this cheeky article together so you can see what other things there are to do and see on the island.

#1 Shipwreck Beach

If you Google ‘Zante’ and look at the images, it’s guaranteed that Shipwreck Beach will be in at least the top 5 images. If you don’t want to take our word for it and actually take the time to Google it, you’ll see just why it’s called Shipwreck Beach, there is literally an old abandoned ship in the middle of the beach. Visiting Shipwreck Beach, or as it’s otherwise known as Navagio Beach or Smugglers Cove is one of the best things to experience in Zante. If you want to visit the actual beach there is only one way to do so, and that’s by sea. There are a number of boat companies that offer tours to shipwrecked beach, but bear in mind this is a very popular attraction in Zante, book this in early if you really want to do this. Or, another way to see it for yourself is from the cliffs to the side, just overlooking the beach where you’ll also find a viewing platform. The only downside is there is no public transport there whatsoever. So you’ll have to either rent a car or share a taxi. But it really is something to see, making it our number 1 spot on things to do in Zante.

#2 Cameo Island

Cameo Island is a little island that you can often find turtles nearby. As simple as that really. It’s located about a 20 minute walk from Laganas Beach. If you take a stroll down to end of the strip, turn right and make your way to the end of the beach you’ll see Cameo Island situated just down there. You’ll have to walk across the bridge if you want to access it. It’s about €5 per person for entry. Take a look around the Island and then have a little swim in the sea. There are often turtles around there, so don’t be surprised if you feel a little something brush past your leg. You can get snorkels and masks from shops on the strip if you want to get a better look. Swim a bit further and you might make it to Turtle Island!

#3 Go Karting and Mini Golf

On the strip you’ll find a place that offers both a Go Karting experience and Mini Golf all in the same place, this world really is advancing. Why not have a little competition with your pals, loser has to buy the first round at the bar! Do a few laps on the Kart course and then head over for a few holes on the course. What’s better is that if you buy your tickets for them both together they’ll chuck in a cheeky little discount.

#4 Trap Escape Rooms

If you have the brain power after a few nights out in Zante then head to the escape rooms. They’re on the way to Pure Beach Club where you’ll meet for Tidal Boat Party. We think at this point everyone is familiar with the idea, you go into room, the door locks behind you and you have a set amount of time to try and follow the clues and escape. They have two rooms to choose from – both of which are different difficulty levels. Let’s see if you’ve got what it takes to escape, you wouldn’t want to miss your flight home.

#5 Water-sports at St. Nicholas’ Beach

Right, what holiday is not complete without a little bit of water-sports? Get yourself down to St. Nicholas’ or Banana Beach and get yourself on the banana boat. It really is that simple. Unless you’re hiring a car, you’ll need to get a taxi there or book tickets in advanced in one of the excursion office on the strip. You won’t find water-sports on Laganas Beach because they disturb the protected turtles.

#6 Infinity Beach Club

After you’ve hit the water-sports why not pop into this brand new beach bar. Completely new for 2020. This open plan venue brings a stylish vibe to the beach front of Laganas. Sit and catch a little bit of sun before your big night out. Get yourself a drink or two and have something to eat, life couldn’t be better.

#7 St. Dennis’ Day (24th August)

St. Dennis’ Day is a very big tradition on the island of Zante. Saint Dennis is the patron saint of Zante who was priest in the 1500s. One night a man run into his church and confessed he had killed another man. Upon hearing who the man had killed, Dennis realised it was his brother. Despite this he gave the man refuge and even came to forgive him. On 24th August there is a parade and celebration in the main town of Zakynthos, where thousands and thousands of people gather and celebrate every year. The town will also be full of market stalls and is a great opportunity to help out local communities and get some great bargains.

#8 Tidal Boat Party

Tidal Boat Party is a must on your list – this is a sell-out event! Tidal Zante brings you a floating festival with the best DJs, incredible atmosphere, stunning blue water and of course drink deals to fuel the party, this will for sure be the highlight of your holiday. Oh and did we mention, the odd celeb pops up. Last year Dappy and Jack Fowler came to party out at sea with us. It’s included in our Ultimate Events Package as you cannot miss out on this event!

#9 Rent a Boat

If you’ve got some spare time in the day and you’re in a group then renting a speed boat is something you’ll never forget, and you probably won’t have a similar opportunity any time soon. You can find places to rent boats on the beach front. It’s around 20-30 euros per person usually and you get it for a good 4-5 hours. The staff there are really friendly and give you advice on the best places to go. You can go to different islands, pull up to other beaches, visit caves and do some cave diving and all sorts. The staff will also provide their number so if anything happens they can come to you and bring you back. Take some food and drinks and make sure you put sun protection on and bob’s your uncle!

#10 BJs Pizza

Ask anyone who’s experienced Zante where did the best pizza and they will all say the same thing… BJs. They sell it by the slice starting from just ONE EURO. Once you’ve tried it you’ll understand why there it is so popular. You’ll be living off of these pizza slices at the end of every night on your holiday, guaranteed.


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