The Zante Strip: The Ultimate Nightlife Guide For 2024

The Zante Strip is where you’ll be spending your nights on holiday until the sunrise. It’ll be like your second home and before you know it you’ll know exactly where the shops are, where your favourite pre-drinks bar is and which club you plan to end up in.

Although the whole road is 3KM long, the Zante nightlife is within a 1KM strip towards the bottom of the road that leads up from the beach. This means it only takes about 10 minutes to walk from one end of the Zante Strip to the other. This is the main strip in Laganas but the mini-strip road that connects and leads off to the right shown in the map below, Kalamaki Road, is a great place to start a bar crawl or pre-drinks.

Zante nightlife

Where Is The Zante Strip?

The Zante strip is located in the resort of Laganas which is in the South of the Greek island and where you’ll be wanting to stay. It’s just a 15 minute taxi drive away from the airport which only costs approximately €20.

If you arrive late at night, you’ll see the lights from the strip as your plane comes in to land…you can’t miss it! Not to be confused with the airport strip, you’ll still be wanting to take a taxi or transfer bus from the airport to the Zante nightlife. The walk just from the the very top of the road to the beach is 30 minutes and much longer during the day as the heat will wear you down!

Zante Strip Map

Zante Strip Street View

The Zante Strip By Day

The Zante Strip by day is a very different scene to when it comes alive at night. Providing you’re not recovering from last night’s antics, go-karting, mini-golf and escape rooms are just some daytime activities you can take advantage of with our Zante Mega Discount Wristband.

If you are still hanging, then chilled days never go amiss in Zante. With the best rated beaches in the world, you’re not going to be stuck in your hotel room waiting for the night’s event. Laganas beach is literally at the bottom of the strip, about a 10 minute walk from Kalamaki Road. If you don’t fancy spending money on a sunbed down the beach, you can always head to Pure Beach Club or Mansion Pool which are free entry providing there isn’t an event running.

If you really are that hungover and feel you can’t leave the hotel, perhaps chilling by the hotel pool will be the best option. Top up your tan and soak up that Greek sun! On the flip-side, you could carry on the party and head to daytime drinking venue like Malibooz or Life’s A Beach!

Restaurants On The Zante Strip

Restaurants on the Zante Strip are vast and vary in cuisine. Whether you want a full mixed-grill or just the standard €1 pizza slices from BJs, Laganas has something for everyone. Craving a kebab after a night out? Don’t worry, The Zante strip has you covered! Ask for gyros (pronounced “gih-ross”) and you’re sorted! Fancy something a little less guilty? Head to one of our top picks below…just don’t get caught in Ben and Jerry’s on the way!

With the Party Hard Travel Discount Wristband working in more restaurants than ever for 2023, you’ll be wanting to eat out every night on the strip because of the huge savings you’ll make. Even if you’re staying in an all-inclusive, we bet you can’t resist a discounted trip to Zante Nandos!

We’ve put together the three best restaurants in Zante here to save you time researching for your party holiday:

Sirocco Restaurant on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Sirocco is a Mexican restaurant in the the middle of the strip next to the biggest pre-drinks bar, Fishbowl. With our Discount Wristband, you’ll get free garlic bread and a shot with whatever you order!

Players Zante


Players is a sports bar on Kalamaki Road. This is the place to come for the ultimate hangover breakfast! You’ll get 15% off everything at Players including drinks!

The Zante Strip By Night

The Laganas Strip by night is what you came to Zante for. Expect incredibly lively nightlife, drinks deals throughout the evening and an all-round lit atmosphere. You’re best off starting on Kalamaki Road (the mini-strip in Laganas) and making your way down to the beach. Kalamaki Road is mostly bars and restaurants with main strip leading towards the clubs.

If you want to impress your mates with that champagne lifestyle or Instagram pic whilst you’re on holiday, you don’t have to look far. Just head to one of the football penalty shootouts up and down the Zante strip. All you need to do is score 3 goals and boom, you’ve got yourself a bottle of champers…that’s pre-drinks sorted!

You’ll know where to stop on your nights out as you’ll see Party Hard Travel Discount Wristband posters in a lot of the bigger venues. These discounts are exclusive to Party Harders and honour better deals than PRs can offer!

Bars On The Zante Strip

The Zante Strip is littered with bars from the beach up. With everything from Karaoke at Lush Bar, to the dentist chair at Indie Bar, there’s no chance you’re going to get bored! More of a competitive drinker than a singer? Get the beer pong started at Cheeky Tikis…just don’t lose because it’s 11 spirit headfucker that’s used not beer!

If you’re looking for a more premium vibe, then Barcode and G-Spot are not to go amiss. Get yourself a premium cocktail like the Barcode Special and worry about the hangover in the morning.

With the Party Hard Travel Discount Wristband working in almost every bar on the main strip, be sure to limit the pre-drinks in the hotel room. You might end up spending more had you’ve just got your Fishbowls on the strip!

With over a hundred different bars, we’ve put together our top three best bars in Zante:

Sugar Bar on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


The Sugar Lounge is the place to start night. If there’s football on this place is going to be rammed! With our discount wristband you’ll be getting 2 Pints of cocktail and 2 shots for just 5 Euros!

Three Lions Bar on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas

Three Lions

At Three Lions you’ll only be getting served the best standard, top-shelf drinks. Don’t go too hard or you’ll never make it to the club. Make the most of our Zante discount wristband and get a premium pint and shot for just 5 Euros!

Fire breathing performer outside Fishbowl on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Fishbowl is like the ‘pre-club’ of Zante. With award winning bar-flair staff and top summer anthems, you’ll be here most nights guaranteed. You’ll even get 10% off fishbowls with our discount wristband!

Clubs On The Zante Strip

Clubs in Zante are not hard to miss. They are mostly all grouped together towards the middle and bottom of the strip with huge LED lights, smoke machines, CO2 cannons and even a bubble machine at Cherry Bay – not to be confused with the two foam cannons at Zeros Club!

Rumours say you can actually see the Laganas strip from space because of the vast amount of bars and clubs that the Zante nightlife has to offer! You’ll be able to see the smoke and lights from Cocktails and Dreams club from the very top of the strip just under 3KM away…easily!

There’s a quite a mix of clubs in Zante, so if one music genre isn’t for you, you don’t have to go far! Expect R&B at Waikiki, old school bangers and cheese at Cocktails & Dreams and Cherry Bay, summer anthems and chart at Rescue and Zeros, and a mix at Sizzle and Plus Club. However, if there’s a live act playing then do expect a different atmosphere from when you were covered in paint or foam from the night before!

Zante Events Packages through Party Hard Travel make sure you’re not stuck in the same club for the entirety of your holiday. Only the biggest and best acts and parties are booked and included in the Ultimate Events Package. With this in mind, our favourite three clubs in Zante are:

Rescue Club on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Rescue Club is Zante’s biggest super-club. With a capacity of over 2000, and it being central to the strip, Rescue is home to some of the best events in Zante which you’ll get access to by booking through Party Hard!

Zeros Club on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas


Zeros Club is just next door to Rescue and it too has a capacity of over 2000 party goers. Home to the Foam Party and Total Karnage, you’ll be here a few nights of your holiday when booking through us.

Sizzle Club on the Zante Strip in the resort of Laganas

Sizzle Club

Sizzle is a smaller club further down the strip and home to Welcome To The Jungle. You’ll be here for the only Zoo event on the island. Don your war-paint…it’s time to gather the pack!

Hotels Near The Zante Strip

We only offer hotels that Party Harders have rated before. With every hotel booking through Party Hard Travel, you’ll get The Zante Essentials Events Package worth £100 included completely free.

Zante is packed full of hotels near the strip. Although there aren’t any party hotels as such, there are hotels catered towards a lively atmosphere. These hotels are something to look for to ensure you’re not drinking at the poolside bar with people three times your age!

You’ll be charged a Tourist Tax when checking in. This amount is dependent on the star rating of the hotel, the number of nights you are staying and the number of rooms booked. The amount is not typically more than 5 euros per night. It’s also very normal in party resorts for hotels to charge a returnable room deposit. These room deposits are typically €50 euros per person and returned to you after your stay (providing you haven’t had the paint party in your room!). You’ll get these deposits back after the hotel staff give your room a check over when you check-out so don’t go too hard the night before – give yourself plenty of time to check-out and get to the airport.

More than likely, there will be a damages list in your room. You don’t want to blow your spending money on any new furniture so treat the place with respect. After all, this is going to be your home for the week.

As a final cost, if you’re staying in Zante in July or August, you’ll also be wanting air-con which is usually €50 per room per week. Just don’t leave the air-con on overnight whilst you’re sleeping or you’ll end up with the infamous Zante Cough!

Get your cheap holiday to Zante booked now by checking out the available hotels in Laganas. Don’t forget, we are the only travel agency to offer you the Essentials Events Package worth £100 completely free!

Zante Nightlife FAQs

Does Zante have good nightlife?

Yes, Zante has an amazing nightlife scene and is one of the best known Ionian islands for its wild parties! Every summer, thousands of young people from all over the world head to this Greek city for the one of the craziest holidays of their lives. As soon as the sun sets, the nightlife of Zante instantly lights up and numerous partygoers flock to the town into the bars, discos and clubs for an incredibly fun night. If you’re looking for a summer you’ll never forget, craziness is always guaranteed in Zante!

Where is the party strip in Zante?

The main place that you need to be for the parties in Zante is the Laganas Strip. Located in the south of the island, this tourist town is famous among all the nightlife lovers for being THE place to be. Laganas is synonymous with fun in Zante and is the busiest, wildest area of ​​the island, so much so that it has earned the nickname of little “Las Vegas”. Packed with a number of crazy bars and clubs and absolutely vibrating with neon lights, all the biggest and absolute best parties happen here. Get ready for mayhem!

What time do clubs shut in Zante?

Usually, nightclubs on the Laganas Strip in Zante will be open until the early hours of the morning, with the latest shutting around 6AM. Go crazy and party until the sun rises – literally!

How much is a pint in Zante?

In comparison to some other party destinations, Zante drinks prices would certainly be considered reasonable. Average costs differ depending on your location and the venue you are in, but you can expect to see drinks often from around €3-5.

What is party season in Zante?

The Zante party season kicks off at the beginning of June and runs all the way through until the first week of September so you have plenty of time to fit your holiday in! If you’re looking to be in the midst of the action at peak times, aim for July-August.


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