Zante Club Guide 2024

Booking a holiday to Zante and knowing where to go are two different things. To get you buzzing for your holiday we’ve put together the Ultimate Zante Club Guide for you! Here you’ll find our fave clubs as well as info on our events and which clubs are hosting them all. If this doesn’t get you buzzing for your 2024 holiday then we don’t know what will!

Sizzle Club

Events: Welcome to the Jungle

First up on our Zante Club Guide is Sizzle- it’s nearer the bottom of the strip and hosts our Welcome to the Jungle each and every week. Sizzle has not one but two different areas, one inside and one out. Both have bars and different DJs playing some naughty tunes. Make sure you get yourself inside on event night though, as this is where the guest acts will be performing. Sizzle boosts a cool and modern look with bright coloured lights and decor and plenty of room to throw some limbs. Although, when you head down there for Welcome to the Jungle you’ll see it in a whole new light. The place will be decked out in vines, trees and bananas for that Amazon meets Zante look.

Rescue Club

Events: The Paint Party

Rescue is not only home to the above events but it also hosts some of the biggest names to come to the Island. Each and every week the paint party gets you absolutely covered head to toe with the reps spraying 1000s of litres of UV paint. Once you get inside you’ll see why it’s one of Zante’s busiest clubs. Multiple bars, massive DJ set area, amazing visual light displays and a buzzing atmosphere are just some of the things you can expect from rescue.

Zeros Club

Events: Foam Party & Total Karnage Bar Crawl

Zeros is anything but a zero. Definite 10 out of 10. Bangs. Would recommend. Get yourself down there for the foam party, it might be the only shower some of you get that week so take full advantage. Then prepare yourself for Total Karnage because it is going to be… well, it’s going to be total carnage. There’ll be games, drink deals and free T-shirt and entry into the club after all included. You don’t want to miss this, it’s one of the best Zante club nights going!

Zeros Club, Foam Party, Laganas Strip, Zante, Zakynthos

Cherry Bay Club

Cherry, Cherry, Cherry f@*king bay! If you’re going to Zante this summer we can guarantee you will hear this chant at least once on your holiday. On Saturdays (after your ultimate events package events), Cherry Bay is the place to be. Join the Cherry Bay Weekender party as it goes on till 5am each and every weekend!

Cherry Bay Club, Neon Sign, Laganas Strip, Zante, Zakynthos

Waikiki Club

Waikiki is located at the bottom of the strip and you’ll find your only source of R’n’B, grime and garage in this Zante club. It’s been around for almost over 20 years, and just gets better and better each and every year. If you’re going to head down there when you don’t have an event on in the package make sure you look the part. Get yourself a bit more dressed up for this one – as the club offers a bit more of a VIP experience. Or if you want to celebrate your birthday in style, this is definitely the place to be.

Waikiki Club, for R’n’B, Grime and Garage, Laganas Strip, Zante, Zakynthos


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