Places To Eat In Laganas Zante

The complete guide to all the best places to eat in Zante, from chic cafes to English pub grub!


Found on the Laganas beachfront, Tasos is a bar and restaurant that’s open throughout the entire day. Providing guests with a warm welcome, Tasos promises to serve some of the best food that Greece has to offer.

The food here is mostly made up of Greek and Mediterranean dishes however there are also some classic English dishes. Anything from pizza to a good old English breakfast. Tasos is open all night so you can get a daiquiri (or three) before you hit the strip!

Tasos is open from 8am until midnight

Bar Mouria

Mouria can be found on the Laganas beachfront, around the corner from Cherry Bay on the corner of the Laganas strip serving delicious food and drink all through the day. Whether it’s a late breakfast after a night out, or a group meal and cocktails before another amazing night out.

From local dishes to English favourites, you can expect to eat some of the best dishes in Mediterranean, Greek and European cuisines. Pasta, steaks, seafood and dessert pancakes to name a few, but there’s something on the menu for everyone. Plus, the drinks at this bar are homemade and fresh, making this bar one of the ideal spots to visit before you hit the other bars!

Bar Mouria is open from 9am until the late evening

Blue sea- where to eat in zante

Blue Sea

Blue Sea is a friendly, family-run restaurant located right next to Laganas beach. It opens its doors in the morning and serves food and delicious cocktails throughout the day. All the staff are also really friendly make it one of the warmest, most relaxing places to eat in Zante.

The restaurant offers seafood, Mediterranean and English dishes including octopus if you’re feeling adventurous. Seeing as the venue is open until 11pm, why not come for dinner and drinks before a night on the strip! With a trip advisor rating of 4 ½ stars, Blue Sea is definitely worth a visit.

The Blue Sea is open from 9 am until 11pm

Cheers- where to eat in zante


Established in 1990, Cheers has been a fan favourite for three generations! Sitting next to Laganas beach, this is one of the more stylish beach bars in Zante. You can chill out on the terrace with a meal and a cocktail to enjoy the summer sun.

The bar opens up in the morning for breakfast and serves fresh food throughout the day. You can find a mix of Mediterranean and Greek cuisines here along with a range of delicious cocktails. So if you like Pina Colada, you’ll feel right at home. Cheers to an incredible bar!

Cheers is open from 9am until the late evening

Malibooz- where to eat in zante


If you hadn’t guessed, this is a beach bar where you can sip on mimosas to your heart’s content. Located right on the Laganas beachfront, Malibooz provides an excellent breakfast, brunch, lunch and dinner for fussy eaters.

Malibooz specialises in Greek and Mediterranean cuisine including seafood, steaks, burgers and salads. With a wide selection of fresh cocktails why not spend pre-drinks here before a night out! Or for a quieter night, the bar is open until 3am so you’ll be sorted for the whole night.

Malibooz is open from 10am until 3am

cubaneros zante


On the doorstep of Laganas beach, Cubanero’s is one of our personal favourite places to eat in Zante. Lunch under the sun before sipping on a cocktail on the beach – a day well spent!

Cubanero’s have a huge range of food served for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Pasta, pizza, burgers, sandwiches or a trusty full English breakfast – there’s something for everyone. Choose from 50+ of amazing cocktails while looking out to Cameo Island over the stunning blue sea. This is what holidays are all about.

Cubanero’s is open from 7am to 11:45pm and serves food from 9am to 9:30pm

Lucky's- where to eat in zante


Lucky’s claims to be the best place to nurse your hangover, and it’s not hard to see why. Close to the main strip, this English style pub is sure to make you feel at home.

Throughout the day, Lucky’s serves up pub classics like an English breakfast or fish & chips. In true British style, we brought the pub to the sun! Lucky’s is absolutely the place to relax, day or night.

Lucky’s is open from midday to the early hours of the morning

Sirocco restaurant- where to eat in zante


Sirocco is located towards the end of Laganas road, just a couple of minutes from the beach. This charming family-run restaurant specializes in serving up the very best Greek and Mediterranean dishes. Even the fussier eaters are welcome here with other popular dishes available like pizzas, fajitas, tacos and much more.

It’s no surprise Sirocco is a highly popular and highly rated restaurant. All of the food here is freshly made, whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner. Plus, as Sirocco is near the main strip, you’re in the right spot to start your night off!

Sirocco is open from 9am – 12am

Seaside- where to eat in zante


If it’s seafood you’re after, the Seaside should be first on your list. Located on the Lagans beach front, Seaside’s bar and restaurant is open all day long. With stylish decor, palm trees and a walkway leading to the beach, it’s definitely one for the Instagram stories!

Opening in the morning, Seaside serves breakfast, lunch and dinner. Whether you need that perfect hangover meal or just some sunshine, you can’t go wrong. Along with a range of fresh seafood, there’s also pasta, salads and BBQed meats so no-one’s left out. Seaside is also great for some affordable drinks by the sea before another night out on the strip.

Seaside is open from 10am to 1am

Boulevard- where to eat in zante


Located on the Laganas beachfront, Boulevard is one of the most colourful restaurants nearby, so it’s hard to miss! This venue is always positively reviewed online and that’s down to the great staff, fresh food and refreshing drinks.

In the morning, Boulevard is ready to serve breakfast to all the partiers after a heavy night out. Whatever time of day you come, expect some of the freshest seafood and grilled meats to eat in Zante. This, paired with delicious cocktails and a stunning view of the sea, are sure to keep you coming back!

Boulevard is open from 9am until midnight

Barcode- where to eat in zante


In the middle of the strip, Barcode is a restaurant which transforms into a small club at night. During the day you can treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner if you fancy it. The menu is full of many different dishes, including pasta, seafood, grilled meats and much more.

After dinner, the Barcode bar stays open until the crack of dawn, offering some of the best drinks, including their freshly made cocktails and top shelf booze. With special deals being offered all night long you’re bound to be a frequent Barcode returner. If you’re looking to have a strong drink for an unbeatable price while dancing the night away, Barcode is a great choice to grab a bite to eat in Zante. You might also find yourself stopping off here in the Party Hard Bar Crawl, included in our Ultimate Events Package!

Barcode is open from 9am to 5am

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