How To Maintain Your Makeup In Summer

It’s finally June; the sun is out, your bikini is on….and your makeup is melting. We all know the struggle of wearing makeup during the hotter months, which is why we’ve conducted a list of tips on how to keep your face looking fresh and fierce this summer!


Starting with a clean base is the first step to any makeup look. Ditch the oily primer and go for an SPF lightweight lotion that doesn’t leave a shiny finish and keeps your skin hydrated in the hotter months.


If you can go without foundation, try out a tinted moisturiser instead! With a touch of concealer and a lightweight, dewy finish, you can’t go wrong. If you’re loyal to foundation, opt for an oil-free one instead.


The art of contouring is a gift some of us (me) only wished we possessed. But while the sun is out, it’s best to skip the contouring as it may give you that unhealthy ‘baked’ look. Go for a light bronze to brighten up your face instead! Powders are easiest to use and it only takes a second to apply, so it’s a win-win!


We all know the pain of achieving the perfect smoky eye only to have the heat ruin it with sweaty eyelids! To avoid another broken heart, invest in an eye primer to set the perfect base for blending! Finish your look by setting it with powder and voila! Perfect eyes for all year round. If you plan on rocking false eyelashes, be sure to pack extra glue for those nights out dancing and sweating!


I, like everyone else, love a bold red lip, but thick matte or glossy lipstick don’t always feel the best on a hot day. So this summer, try out a variety of lip stains instead! These beauties feel invisible on the lips and offer long-lasting stay. Add a touch of lip balm to moisturise your lips and you’re summer ready!

So just because summer is around the corner, don’t get let your makeup cave to the heat! Follow these simple tips and you’ll be serving fresh and lively looks all the way to the beach – and back! Why not give these beauty tips the test on a real summer holiday adventure? Visit www.partyhardtravel.com or call 0203 627 4443 for the summer experience you’ll want to relive again and again!


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