Guide to Ibiza From One of Our Reps

Ibiza is well known for its crazy clubbing scene and is a hit with young people who head over there each year looking for some of the biggest and best parties in Europe. If it’s your first time going to Ibiza you may feel a little overwhelmed so here’s a quick guide to Ibiza to make sure you make the most out of your time on this infamous island. 

1. Check the Event Calendars Before You Go

If you’re heading out to Ibiza for the ultimate party holiday it’s worth checking out the events calendars before you confirm your dates. The clubbing season usually gets going around the middle of May which is often marked by the International Music Summit that takes place in Ibiza each year. Most of the biggest clubs host their own insane opening parties in the middle of May too.

Equally, the season gets wrapped up around mid-October with lots of clubs across the Island also hosting unmissable closing parties so this is a perfect time to travel if you’re wanting crazy parties off season. The events being hosted will vary by week and month so if there’s particular events you’re not willing to miss out on it’s important to consider this when booking your trip. August is the busiest season in terms of parties but also when the island will be most full of tourists so you’ll have to decide what matters most to you. 

2. Buy Event Packages Instead of Single Tickets 

Ibiza nightclubs have the reputation of being some of the biggest and the best, this guarantees you an unforgettable night but it is definitely reflected in the cost of event tickets. Cheapest entry to the clubs will be around 20 Euros but tickets to some of the craziest events and parties can reach up to 80 Euros for entry, this is obviously a massive cost especially if you’re intending on going out most nights so it needs to be factored into your holiday budget. 

Buying an Ibiza event package ticket is the perfect way to keep the cost of club tickets down whilst making sure you don’t miss out on any of the events going on. The Party Hard Ultimate Events Package Ibiza 2024 includes entry to O Beach Pool Party, Ibiza Rocks Pool Party, Zoo Project, Pukka Up Boat Party – just to name a few. With tickets to most of these events individually being between 30-50 euros each it’s clear to see how you’re making a massive saving. 

3. Get to the Clubs Early to Avoid Higher Entrance 

One sneaky way to save some money is looking for early-entry tickets. Different to early-bird tickets, early-entry tickets are tickets which will be sold for slightly cheaper but will require you to arrive at the club before a certain time. This means you’ll get to spend a few more hours inside the club but the difference in ticket cost will definitely cover the cost of a few drinks while you’re in there. Pyramid at Amnesia and ANTS at Ushuaia are some of the big name club nights to offer these discounted tickets. 

If you’re super organised, getting your hands on early-bird tickets is also a fail safe way to save a few pennies. Usually on sale between January and April these tickets will be cheaper than the cost of entry on the door so are a perfect option if you’re wanting to get all your holiday planning sorted well in advance.

We all know the pain of waiting ages for a cab after a night out when all you want to do is dive into bed with a slice of greasy pizza. When visiting Ibiza over it’s busiest summer months you might find yourself queuing for a taxi to take you back to your hotel, but it’s important to not be tempted to flag down a random cab for the sake of getting home quicker. There’s a large operation of illegal taxis in Ibiza, known as Pirates locally. The Balearic Island authorities have set and regulated the price of taxis in Ibiza, so taking an illegal taxi could result in your being massively overcharged for an otherwise affordable journey. 

Legal taxis will be easily recognised by their blue license plates and will be located at reputable taxi ranks which are dotted all across the island. If you don’t find yourself at a taxi rank you’re allowed to flag down a taxi as long as they have a green light and you’re over three hundred metres from the next nearest rank. Remembering this key information is the easiest way to ensure you’re getting home safely whilst not being ripped off and overcharged. It’s also helpful to download the Ibiza Taxi app!

5. Find the Right Area for You

Ibiza is a beautiful island so it’s a popular destination for all types of holidaymakers. We’re assuming you’re looking for a party so it’s best not to situate yourself in the middle of a family-friendly resort, you’ll end up paying loads on transport and you’ll miss out on the iconic Ibiza party vibe. 

We’d recommend Playa D’en Bossa or San Antonio if you’re heading out to Ibiza for their clubs and events. Playa D’en Bossa on the east coast is the nightlife capital of Ibiza, home to the infamous Ushuaia nightclub, this is the place to be for partying all night long with limitless bars, beach clubs, restaurants and nightclubs. Located right on the seafront, there’s a long stretch of white sand for relaxing on the beach during the day. Similarly, San Antonio located to the west of the island is world-renowned for its sunset strip. This is the home to lots of the big-name beach clubs such as O Beach or the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. Staying in either of these areas is a sure-fire way of ensuring you’re right in the heart of the Ibiza party scene. 

Remembering these handy tips is the easiest way to make sure your holiday to Ibiza goes ahead smoothly and without breaking the bank! If you’ve booked your Ibiza holiday and you’re somehow worried about things to do, then check out our list of top 10 things to do in Ibiza!


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