Top 5 Experiences For Your Ibiza Bucket List!

If you are hitting Ibiza, you HAVE to make it a trip to remember. We have already got you covered with the biggest and best events, but what about the hidden gems for your Instagram stories?

We have collected five of our favourite places for you to put on your Ibiza bucket list for summer 2024…

1. Curry Club

If you are craving that Sunday night Indian, there is no question about visiting The Curry Club. The hidden restaurant is a road away from the Ibiza Rocks Budget Apartments in San Antonio and is closed off with tropical trees, all lit by purple spotlights.

Every nook and cranny is filled with candles and small statues of Buddhas which will keep you occupied whilst you are waiting for your starters.

Make sure to get down to the restaurant from 6pm until 9pm to grab the Curry Club meal deal which consists of a main, rice, naan, poppadom and a drink all for 14 euros!

(veggie and vegan options are available too – make sure to ask the waiters)

2. Café Mambo

For that perfect Instagram moment, Café mambo is a must. To get the full Cafe Mambo experience you have to get down to the row of restaurants before 6pm to make sure you catch the sunset. But if you are trying to keep within your budget, grab your drinks from the corner shop and set yourself on the rocks for the perfect view. If you are lucky you will catch a fire breather!

If you are in Ibiza on the first weekend of August make sure to book your tickets for the Ibiza radio 1 weekender that is held in this very spot.

3. Ocean Beach Mania

If you are an adrenaline junkie or need a good laugh with your pals, make sure you explore the Ocean Mania obstacle course which is located outside O Beach. You can pay on the day for 15 euros which gives you 45 minutes to complete the course – are you up for the challenge?

Ocean Beach Mania looks deceivingly easy but it will leave you breathless and teary eyed from your hysterical laughter.

4. Las Salinas

Make sure to visit Playa Den Bossa during your stay in Ibiza if you are looking for the perfect beach. Sit back and relax to the sound of Ibiza house beats from the few bars along the beachfront. This is a beautiful beach location and is worth the visit if you are looking for somewhere with a party atmosphere. It can be slightly more expensive, hence it being a celeb spotting location, but pack your bag full of snacks and drinks and you will keep within your budget!

5. Skinny Kitchen

If you are looking for a quick meal to boost your energy back up after a long night of partying, Skinny Kitchen have the perfect menu for you! Eat one meal here and it will have you living by the motto “eat clean and rave dirty”.

From Buddha and Acai bowls, to pancakes and tacos, the Skinny Kitchen menu will leave you wanting more and craving a smoothie every morning you wake up .

If this ends up on your to do list, make sure to pinpoint ‘Rio Bar’ on maps and walk along the beachfront until you find it!

Now you need a holiday to Ibiza to tick all these experiences off your bucket list! Book the ultimate Ibiza party holiday with Party Hard Travel for the experience of a lifetime! Book yours today or grab your Ultimate Ibiza Events Package for £129 if you’ve already booked your Ibiza holiday!


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