How to Stay Healthy on Holiday in Ibiza

From shots of tequila at the bar, to ginger health shots the next morning – party holidays are all about finding the perfect balance between resting and raving. Your breakfast acai bowl can be just as delicious as the greasy pizza you eat at 4am. Here are our top recommendations on how to stay healthy on your Ibiza holiday!

Super Yachts Moored at the Port of Ibiza and the Old Town in Background

Places to Eat

Knowing where to find delicious fresh food is the easiest way to stay healthy on holiday! The fruit grown on the Med is famous for its flavour so make sure to try it while you’re on your trip. Whether you’re looking for avo toast, smoothie bowls or a classic veggie breakfast, Ibiza’s got you covered.

Skinny Kitchen

Skinny Kitchen in San Antonio is a must visit! Their all-day brunch menu has it all. From poke bowls to burgers, toasties to tacos – perfect for meat eaters, veggies and vegans alike. Despite the name, portions are generous and there are plenty of sweet treats on the menu. The presentation here is second to none so it’ll look perfect on your insta feed!

Ibiza Fitness Food Kitchen

If you’re looking to save a bit of money whilst also eating healthily, we recommend Ibiza Fitness Food Kitchen (IFF Kitchen). An excellent option if you have access to your own kitchen and fridge, IFF lets you order pre-prepped healthy meals and snacks (to have alongside your holiday crisps, of course). IFF keeps track of the calorie and protein content of all their meals so is perfect for keeping you on track for your gym gains. From €2.99 for a meal, they’re an ideal pre-sesh dinner that will ensure your stomach is lined and will keep you dancing all night long. If you’re looking for more restaurants then check out our Ibiza Resort Guide!

Healthy Meal from Ibiza Fitness Food Kitchen

Staying Active

If you like to tackle your hangover by sweating it all out, there are plenty of options in Ibiza to keep your body moving and heart pumping (and we don’t just mean on the dance floor!).


Booking a hotel with a gym included makes it all the more easy to pull yourself out of bed and get a workout in before you begin your day. Invisa Es Pla, Hotel Puchet and Hotel Abrat all get our recommendation as great hotels with gyms included. For even more suggestions try using our hotel search bar to find even more hotels with gyms.

If you find yourself in a hotel without a gym do not fear, there are plenty of gyms you can use all across the Island. Holiday Gym Ibiza is the perfect solution. It’s an excellent gym with all the facilities you’d want, including access to their personal trainers. Their gym access passes have you covered for your holiday no matter how long you stay, offering day, week, fortnightly and even monthly passes.


As well as it’s infamous party scene, Ibiza is also well known for its bohemian, wellness vibe. So if you fancy spending some time on the yoga mat or on a spin bike there’s plenty of options for you!

Jennuine Fitness in San Antonio takes promoting health and wellness seriously. They offer yoga classes on the beach, what’s more zen than that? If you haven’t tired yourself out dancing, they also run energetic classes in Boxercise, HIIT and Water Aerobics. Classes can be just €15 but they also offer long term fitness plans for purchase if you’re planning on spending the season out there. 

Balance and Beats is a great, more affordable option. They focus on fun, group workout activities for all abilities so they’re a great way to socialise and meet new people without the need to shout over a booming sound system. For just €8 you can attend any of their drop in HIT, yoga, pilates or strength classes.

Ibiza Fitness Class on the Beach, Ibiza


Runs Across the Beach

If you really are looking to embrace the simple things in life, a back to basics run along the beach is made extra special by the unbeatable scenery Ibiza has to offer. Opting for the sand instead of the pavement is a great way to incorporate some strength training into your cardio. If you time it right you could be running on the white sands just as golden hour begins for the ultimate wellness boost! There’s communal gym equipment dotted around the beaches which are great to look out for as you run.


The DJs and events don’t have to provide all the thrills on your Ibiza holiday, with many extreme sports and activities to keep you occupied in your ‘down time’. Taking part in any of these fun adventures is a great way to stay healthy on holiday without having to visit a gym.

Kayaking or canoeing is a great way to keep your arms moving while being a fun way for you to explore the island. Scuba diving is also on offer in Ibiza if you fancy something a bit more adventurous. Head down to any of the resort’s beaches and you’re likely to find a variety of watersports available, including sailing, surfing or even paragliding. No matter what your budget, there will be a watersport to suit you!


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