How to Stay On Budget In Ibiza

Ibiza attracts all the A-lists and anyone who is anyone, so you must have to be rich and famous to afford the experience, right? Wrong! Ibiza is one of our cheapest destinations to get too! Here is our guide on how to conquer Ibiza on a budget.

We’ve got some tips to stay within budget, but at Party Hard, we’re all about saving. We don’t want anyone to miss out on the best summer of their lives! We’re your one-stop-shop for hotels, flights and events, cutting out those commission-based sales you find in-resort. 

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Here’s some more top tips on budgeting for your summer 2024!

1. Flights

Videoing scene from aircraft window on mobile phone

Flights can start from £49, depending how early you catch them. The best place to compare flight prices is on flight websites such as This will allow you to filter all flights going to Ibiza by price, times, dates and more. Skyscanner released a study showing that Mondays are the cheapest day of the week to book, so have a go booking at the start of the week; the more you know!

Plus, if you want to keep it simple, do everything in the same place! With us, you can book your flights, hotel and events all in one. Saves you losing track of all the information you need. This is your time to relax after all!

2. Accommodation

Sun loungers around Pool at Azuline Hotel Pacific in San Antonio, Ibiza

When it comes to accommodation, you need to remember you will not be in your hotel a lot. The only time you will be spending time in your hotel will be to sleep and get ready. So we advise to go cheap (making sure it’s clean and safe of course) and put your money where the events are! As long as you have a shower and a bed you will be good to go!

San Antonio is a cheaper part of the island and is only a walking distance from Ibiza Rocks, Ocean Beach, Eden Club, Pukka Up and more. Some cheaper hotels we recommend include; Invisa Es Pla, Azuline Hotel Pacific and Hostal Tarba.

Just take a browse on our search bar for a huge range of great hotels, for any budget!

3. Events

Cuckoo Land Event Ibiza

Of course the cheapest and best way to sort your events is to book the Party Hard Ibiza Ultimate Events Package. Included in the package are 6 big events including Pukka Up Boat Party and Zoo Project. Plus when you book your 2024 holiday with us, you get your events package completely FREE.

NEVER leave your events till you get out to resort, some on the door prices can cost you 80+ euros alone and you will risk losing out on sold out events. Better being safe than sorry!

4. Drinking

Two Ibiza budget cocktails

Ibiza is similar to club prices in London, expect to pay €10 for bottles of water and nearly €30 for some drinks in the bigger clubs. Lidl, Spar and many newsagents are dotted all around San Antonio where you will be able to buy alcohol and mixers for cheap prices. Pre drinking is the way to go if you’re looking to conquer Ibiza on a budget!

5. Eating Out / Food

Depending on your accommodation it may be easier for you to pop to Lidl to cook up some sandwiches for those early morning hangovers, however if you do not have access to any kitchen facilities then we have listed some of the most affordable restaurants in San Antonio…


Fish Dish Breakfast at Rio Restaurant San Antonio, Ibiza

This is the location for our meeting point, with breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks menu this restaurant is the ideal spot for all times of the day. As a Party Hard Guest you also receive 15% off the whole menu!

Sticky fingers rib shack and smokehouse

Sticky Fingerz Ribshack & Smokehouse Meal for Two in San Antonio, Ibiza

Located on the West End, the portions are huge and the prices are low. If you are someone who loves ribs, burgers, hotdogs anything that is cooked on a grill this is the perfect spot to fill up before a night out or after a long day at one of our pool parties! Prices start from €4 and it’s rare to find anything above €10 on the menu.

Curry Club

Dining Area at the Curry Club Restaurant in San Antonio, Ibiza

For a more fine dining experience, Curry Club is great to touch that spicey spot that you might be missing from back in the UK. Some parts of the menu can add up, but if you order from the specials menu, you can pay as little as €14 for 2 dishes, 2 sides and a drink.

Ibiza Rocks Bar

Chicken Pitta, Chips and Drinks, Meal for Two at Ibiza Rocks Bar in San Antonio, Ibiza

The well known bar located on San Antonio Bay starts their mains from as little as €7! Expect burgers, ribs, bagels, full breakfasts and the famous chicken pitta. With the bar closing at 4am, it’s the perfect spot for a long night of hitting San Antonio’s west end.

Mint Lounge

Italian Cuisine Artisan Pizza at Mint Lounge in San Antonio, Ibiza

There’s a more affordable way to experience the Cafe Mambo sunset, just pop next door to the Mint Restaurant where deals can range from ‘a pizza and a cocktail for €20 to ‘€13.50 for three courses’. The menu is gorgeous and you will be wanting to instagram every moment of the dining experience.

The Skinny Kitchen

Healthy Meal from the Skinny Kitchen Restaurant, Pancakes, Rice, Broccoli, Cheese, Protein Drink

For a healthy reboot in the morning, the skinny kitchen has everything to give you a boost of energy and get your mouth watering. From pancakes to protein bowls you’ll never pay more than €10. With a lunch/dinner menu starting from €7.95 for one main and 2 sides, this is the perfect restaurant for every hour of the day.

6. Have Fun!

Ibiza on a budget can still be just as fun as any other holiday. Once you’re set with how much you have to spend and where to save, you can just relax and enjoy the best week of your life! The fun starts now.


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