Top 10 Things to Do in Malia- A Guide

Okay, so you think you’ve got your plan sorted for Malia’s vibrant nights, but you’ve got to fill the days too, and luckily Malia has plenty to offer in this respect too! We’re gonna be extra lovely and give you a rundown of 10 recommendations for things to do in Malia to make your visit a special one!

#1 Malia Booze Cruise

Opening up this list is our 2024 Party Harders’ choice for the number one Best Boat Party in Europe, the Malia Booze Cruise is your ticket to drink and dance across the Mediterranean. With no shortage of cocktails and a roster of the latest DJs, there’s no better way to keep your IG on point and drive everyone stuck at home mad with jealousy. Not only that, but we’ve also got a host of prizes to give away and some absolutely beautiful swim spots to make those unforgettable memories of Summer. Party Hard Travel’s Ultimate Events Package includes this and a whole lot more amazing events.

#2 Beach Days

The first thing to know about Malia is that you don’t have to search for long to find some of the most gorgeous beaches in the Mediterranean- that, coupled with the beautiful weather, makes for one of the best combos you could ask for if you’re looking to catch a tan in some beautiful surroundings.

Potomos Beach is one of our favourites and with its stunning views it’s definitely worth the 40 minute walk from Malia’s main strip. Come on, it’s a chance to walk off those shots from the night before! If the views suck you into staying later on, you’ll catch a lovely sunset and still have time to head back into town and hit the clubs!

#3 Water Sports

Banana Boats, jet skis and everything in between can be found on Malia’s main beach if you’re looking to seek some thrills out in the open water or get a little adrenaline into your system to counteract that hangover. No matter your group size or your budget, there’s always something exciting to do, not to mention that it’ll make that beachside cocktail afterwards taste that little bit sweeter! Our tip is to wait a while after eating before you hit the waves though…

Dolphin Water Sports (Malia) - 2021 All You Need to Know Before You Go  (with Photos) - Malia, Greece | Tripadvisor

#4 Party Hard’s Malia Bar Crawl

Here’s Party Hard Travel’s recommended way of seeing the huge variety of nightlife that Malia has to offer, without blowing your whole budget in one go! Our shot-fuelled Malia adventure consists of 6 bars and clubs and plays host to a variety of fun games with plenty of prizes to be won, not to mention all of our lovely Party Harders! There’s no need to worry about a dress code as you’ll be provided with one of our beautiful Party Hard T-shirts, and don’t fret, we don’t mind if you get it dirty! If you fancy yourself as the best drinker in your group, then this is one of the best things to do in Malia.

7 Reasons to Visit Malia - Party Hard Travel

#5 Dining Out

You might associate your lads or ladies’ holidays with cheesy chips between clubs or a greasy pizza if you’re lucky, but why not treat yourself to some real food and enjoy some of the tastiest, freshest cuisine that the Mediterranean has to offer? When you stay in Malia you’ll be surrounded by local delights like stuffed-to-the-brim Gyros, fresh Feta salads and tangy Tzatziki, so it really makes sense. If you’re feeling homesick and would prefer a taste of home, a classic Full English or a Sunday roast is never far away- what better way to bond with your pals and take a break from the non-stop action of your summer holiday?

Malia Restaurant Guide 2022 | Best Malia Restaurants

#6 Sightseeing Around Malia’s Coast

Although partying till the sun comes up might be your main intention, there’s nothing wrong with taking a day to chill and take in the sights and sounds of Malia’s beautiful and historic old town. The pleasant, down-to-earth locals and cobblestone streets, along with the historic harbour and its beautiful views, will breath new life into you! There’s also plenty of shops to grab a souvenir for the family or pick something up for yourself- happy shopping!

Top 5 Instagrammable Hotspots in Malia - Party Hard Travel

#7 Go Karting

KartLand is probably one of the fastest things to do in Malia and is located only a five minute walk from the main resort.  It’s open all day and although it tends to be at its quietest around 11am to 2pm, the traffic does go down once again later on in the evening if you fancy skipping the drinks for another thrill ride. This activity is also very easy on the budget so if you fancy yourself as a speed demon it’s an absolute no-brainer!

GoKart Μάλια - YouTube

#8 Acqua Plus Water Park

Looking to cool off from Malia’s Mediterranean heat? Then we have just the place for you! With attractions ranging from the chilled-out Lazy River to the variety of thrilling waterslides, there’s really something for everyone to enjoy. A couple extra pennies dropped on this day out will provide you with a whole day of fun with all the activities you could ever want all in one place. It’s close by too, you can take a 15 minute taxi ride or even hop on the bus if you find yourself missing your daily commute. With the biggest slide towering at 23m tall, and a wealth of wave pools to practice your breaststroke, Acqua Plus is well worth the money- check out the website to grab your tickets if this takes your fancy.

Acqua Plus Water Park Entrance Ticket with Transport from East / Crete -  Heraklion, Crete | organized tours, group excursions, sightseeing,  multilingual guides, air-conditioned motorcoaches

#9 Bungee Jumping

Described as “200ft of pure Adrenaline!” Last on our list is the express route to getting that classic look of horror on Mum’s face! Take on your fears and make this really a holiday to remember by throwing yourself headfirst into this absolutely insane Bungee experience! Don’t worry though, it’s staffed by fully trained professionals and complies with all health & safety regulations so you’re in the safest of hands. Located just a 10 minute drive from the main resort, it’s one of the best things to do in Malia as well as a chance to see your coastal surroundings in a brand new way…Upside down! 

Things To Do in Malia | Malia Guide 2024


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