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Welcome to the Jungle @ Future Club – Kavos Event 2023

Included in the Kavos Ultimate Events Package


Are you ready for the wildest night of the week? Oh, and when we say wildest, we mean this literally. Every Sunday night, the popular Future nightclub is transformed into one MASSIVE jungle themed party for the spectacular Party Hard event – Welcome to the Jungle Kavos! Last year, we brought over some pretty special guests (including Ellie Mary, Tita Lau and Mollie Collins) and this year will be no different as we prepare to fly out some of the craziest DJs over to party with you.

You’ll kick off the night by meeting your awesome PHT reps down at Quayside Village where the party well and truly gets started. Then, once you’ve got your buzz going on, you’ll step the night up a notch as you head over to Future for the main event. Once you step inside, you’re going to think you’ve stumbled ino the Amazan rainforest as you’re surrounded by crazy jungle themed décor (and as the night gets on, the humidity to match!). Grab your friends, grab your drinks and get ready to let your wild side out at the unmissable event that is Welcome to the Jungle Kavos.

What’s Included?

Welcome to the Jungle Kavos ticket + Future Club entry
Immersive décor
Guest artists/DJs
Buzzing atmosphere
Drinks deals
Body art & face paints

Why Party Hard?

We have been doing this for years now and we bundle all the best events together into one simple affordable events package – the Ultimate Events Package. Welcome to the Jungle Kavos really is a must and getting it in our package means you’ll save both time and money. Check out what previous customers say here

Welcome to the Jungle Kavos FAQs

How do I collect my Ultimate Events Package?

Your official meeting point for Kavos will be Quayside Village Hotel. The reps will be there everyday between 12-2pm to meet you and assign wristbands for the week. If you arrive after 2pm and there is an event on that night you will be added to the event guestlist so you don’t miss out. You will then be able to attend the welcome meeting the following day. The reps will message you the day before you arrive confirming all the info you need too!

Is there a dress code?

Animal print is encouraged, it’s a jungle theme of course! Accessories and face paint are also fun – the bigger the better. Don’t worry though, you’ll be allowed in without animal print.

What time is last entry?

Last guaranteed entry with the Ultimate Events Package is 2am. But the club opens at midnight and you don’t want to miss the live acts, so make sure you get yourselves down in plenty of time.

Where is the venue?

Future Club is located just by the main strip! Don’t worry if you’re having trouble finding your way, your reps will remind you where to go.

Welcome To The Jungle Photos

Included in Ultimate Events Package

Ultimate Events Package 2023

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Save with the Ultimate Events Package. Welcome to the Jungle Kavos Included.

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