What are the Top 10 Things to Do in Ayia Napa?

If you asked someone to think of a beautiful island with great nightlife, one of the first destinations that pop into many people’s minds would be Ayia Napa. However, if you fly out with us you’ll no doubt be looking for things to do in the daytime too, and luckily for you, Napa has no shortage of amazing activities that won’t dent your budget too badly. Here are 10 of our recommendations to fill your days and make your trip one to remember!

Nissi Beach Club

Nissi Beach is one of Ayia Napa’s most well-known beaches- with the softest sand and crystal waters, it’s already a must-visit. However, what if we told you it gets even better? Nissi Beach is also home to its own exclusive beach club, where you can soak in the gorgeous views and sip on a cocktail of your choice at the same time. There are varied DJ sets all throughout the day, with chilled-out deep house and RnB through the day going into a party vibe in the evening with EDM and Tech House among others. There’s also no shortage of events with foam and paint parties popping up often so keep an eye out! With all it has to offer, it’s pretty hard not to enjoy yourself when you’re at the Nissi Beach Club.

Nissi Beach Holidays 2021 / 2022 |

WaterWorld Water Park

If you’re looking to cool off on your holiday, a water park is always a great shout. There’s really something for everyone at WaterWorld whether you’re seeking a jolt of adrenaline or a relaxing soak to beat your hangover. There are waterslides with intense drops, wave machines and an unbelievably chilled lazy river, but our personal favourite is a ‘Total Wipeout’ inspired marathon course! It’s well worth the €35 entry fee with the memories you’re bound to make that’ll last forever. It’s only a 10-minute bus from Ayia Napa Square so you won’t have any issues getting back to the strip for the next night out. Here’s their website if you’re looking to learn more about the park and all it has available.

Waterworld Water Park Admission Ticket in Ayia Napa 2021

Blue Lagoons and Sea Caves

If you’re looking to escape the hustle and bustle on your holiday it might be time to take in the absolutely beautiful surroundings that Napa has to offer It has miles of coastline bordered by azure waters and is dotted with ancient caves and cliffs that offer a quiet, peaceful retreat from the sights and sounds of the main square. If you’re more of a thrill-seeker, this is also a popular location for cliff jumping with drops of up to 10 metres into the clear water! You can take a guided tour or take the scenery in for yourself- a boat ride is the cheapest way to tour, but if you don’t fancy taking to the waves then you can go by Jeep or even quad bikes! If you’re looking to try something really out of the ordinary there’s even a guided snorkelling tour on offer where you’ll see exotic fish, octopi and maybe even sea turtles if you’re lucky! The island’s coastline is truly a location you won’t forget so be sure to give Google a peek to see the variety of tours and experiences on offer.

Fantasy Boat Party

Fantasy Boat Party is Ayia Napa’s only boat party and it really delivers the island vibes you’ve been looking for. With a varied selection of DJs, drinks as far as the eyes can see and obviously some beautiful Mediterranean views to soak in. A 4-hour cruise has plenty of freebies included too, with a half-hour cocktail bar, group photos, lunch and a whole host of games and prizes all at no extra cost! It might also be a good idea to bring your trunks or swimsuit because there are plenty of swim stops along the way. Our Ultimate Events Package includes this event among others for absolutely FREE when you fly out with us for 2024! Make sure to head to our website to make your poolside dreams come true.

Fantasy Boat Party, Ayia Napa, Cyprus – The Worlds Best Boat Party

Nissi Beach Water Sports

If you’re looking to add a jolt of adrenaline to your trip away with Party Hard, you’re in luck- Nissi Beach always has a selection of thrilling activities to take part in, with jet skis and banana boats out in the water if you want to take to the waves and even parachuting and hang gliding if flying high is more your cup of tea! None of these activities is too hard on your budget either, with prices starting at only 10 Euros!

Ayia Napa Square

It would be a crime not to include the beating heart of Ayia Napa, the square! Everything you could want from your holiday is here, from the hottest bars and clubs to boutique stores and plenty of restaurants. There’s also no shortage of content for your Instagram, with one of the most popular spots for a photo-op being the massive stone ‘I Love Ayia Napa’ sign. Have you really been to Napa if you didn’t snap a pic with it? So, whether you’re looking to dance in the sun with a cocktail in hand or just cure your hangover with a big kebab, it’s definitely worth a visit to the square during the day.

I Love Ayia Napa Sculpture - Free photo on Pixabay

Bar Crawls

If you’re worried that you might not get to experience enough of the amazing bars that the resort has to offer during your stay, a bar crawl is your best bet to see as many as you can. There are so many other reasons to get on board too- there are plenty of deals on drinks, chances to win prizes, and you’re sure to meet other partiers- who knows, maybe you’ll make a friend for life! Carnage is included in our Ultimate Events Package. Let’s make this summer one to remember!

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