When Is The Best Time Of Year To Go To Zante?

So you want to get your perfect holiday sorted and you’ve chosen this beautiful Greek island, the first thing some of you may be asking is when is exactly when to go to Zante? We’ve got all the information you need to help you make your decision, including season dates, peak times as well as the best time to go to snap up some bargains.

Season Dates in Zante

Our season for Zante starts within the first week of June and goes in until the end of the first week of September. This is when all the events will be running each and every week. So if you’re wanting to experience everything Zante has to offer, visiting the best bars and clubs on the strip as well as attending the biggest and best events in resort, then book your holiday during these months to avoid disappointment.

You can view our events calendar here (link to Zante events calendar)

Peak Season in Zante

Zante is at its busiest during the month of July, and the first week or so of August. This is when the strip and all the venues will be at their busiest. Exams etc. are well over by the time July hits so it’s no mystery why July is the busiest month, as thousands of party-goers flock to the Island each and every week to celebrate. That’s not to say that if you have booked your holiday outside of these times then it won’t be busy, it just means that within these months Zante is at its busiest. Make sure you secure your space on our Zante Ultimate Events Package.

Zante Holiday Bargains

If you’re looking to save a bit of money but still want to enjoy all the events the resort has to offer then the best time to visit would be the beginning of June, at the start of season, or towards the end of August into September for the end of season. This is when your holiday to Zante is likely to be cheaper than any other month. PLUS, it means you’ll get to enjoy either the opening or closing parties, which is always a bonus as venues/events will be celebrating the opening of the new season or the closing of another successful one, so spirits will definitely be high!


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