How Much Spending Money For a Week in Zante?

Every year as soon as someone books their Party Hard holiday to Zante we always get asked the same question… So, how much money do I need? Answer the questions below and it should give you a rough idea for how much money you’re going to need this summer!

We get a lot of questions about how much spending money to take on holiday, and the answer is never really that simple. It literally depends on how you want to spend your nights, what you want to do in the day, where you want to eat and how strong your alcohol tolerance is! So, we thought we’d put together a little guide of average drink, meal and activity prices. That way, you can take a long and work out roughly how much you want to take based on a daily/nightly budget.

Drink Prices

Drink prices range, in most of the big clubs they around €5 for the big cups. If you want smaller ones you can get them for around €2-€3 each.

In the bars, drinks can be a little bit cheaper PLUS you can get great deals from the PRs. Don’t be fooled into running away from them. They can often offer you prices and deals that you can’t get if you just went straight to the bar yourself. Hear what they have to offer. Most of the time it will be a drink or two and a shot for €5. Considering 1 drink alone is €5 in most places, you might as well get two and a shot for the same price.

Food Prices

You can get breakfasts starting from €2 going up to €5-€6.

In restaurants most meals (not including drinks) will come to around €10pp on average AND the portions in most restaurants are very generous! Chuck in a few Fanta Lemons, because you’re on holiday, and you’re looking at about €15 per person.

Post-night-out food is a must. You can get slices of pizza from BJs starting from €1 per slice. ONE EURO. And honestly they are the best pizza slices on the strip. There’s also McDonalds, Subway and other fast food places but they tend to be a bit pricier.

Daytime Activity Prices

Here’s a list of some of the things you can do and how much each on is:

Rent a Boat: Between €20-€40 per person depending on group size

Taxi to Zante Town: €20 approximately

Trap Escape Rooms: About €10 per person per game. They may do group and double game discount

Mini Golf and Go Karting: Around €20 per person for both together

Shipwreck beach viewing platform: Free (but you will need to make your own way there)

Shipwreck beach tour: From €25 per person

Cameo Island: €5 per person

Water-sports: From €15 per person

Zante on a budget: €50-€60 a day

The full Zante experience: €80-€90 a day


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