When’s The Best Time Of Year To Go To Magaluf?

When to go to Magaluf? We’re sure that’s a question that some of you are thinking of when trying to plan your holiday. When do the events start? When’s going to be busiest? Or when is going to be the cheapest time to go? These are questions we get regularly, and rightly so. So to make it a little easier we’re going to answer all of these in one little article!

The Magaluf Season

Our season in Magaluf starts a little earlier than some of our other destinations, with things kicking off around mid-May. The season also goes on a little longer than some others too, with the events going on right through to mid-September. If you’re planning on going to Magaluf and want to experience it all then make sure you get your Magaluf holiday booked within these times!

The Busiest Time to Visit Magaluf

Magaluf is the busiest in the months of June and July, this is when the season is in peak! The events will be in full swing and the general atmosphere will be amazing as people celebrate the end of university or exams. The resort tends to be busy throughout the whole season, so you are always guaranteed a good atmosphere, but if you are looking for the busiest of the busiest, then June and July are the best months to book your holiday in.

The Cheapest Time to Visit Magaluf

The season in Magaluf will be busy from start to finish, so if you’re wanting to save a bit of money and still have a good time then read on. To get the best deals make sure you book early, the earlier you book the cheaper your holiday is likely to be – in most cases. The cheapest times would be May, the end of August, and the beginning of September. As the season is at its peak in June and July you would expect these months to be a little more, so if you stick to May, August and September you’ll definitely save a penny or two.


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