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Zante Varsity 3 Hour Free Bar Pre-Party

Don’t miss out – this is the biggest, ultimate pre-party of your Zante holiday! If you’ve experienced Varsity day at university then you know just how much fun these events can be – add in the beautiful summer vibe and you’ve got a recipe for a crazy, fun-filled night. On arrival at Fishbowl Zante you will be given a special Party Hard refillable cup (because you know we have to save those turtles) which will allow you to get 3 hours of free vodka, cocktails and Zante specials that you can rinse to get that perfect buzz going. Once you’ve picked your poison the games will kick off. Get into the sporty spirit and challenge your mates to a game of beer pong, flippy cup or even test out your moves with a dance-off. Let’s show the American’s how Varsity is properly done!

What’s Included

Varsity ticket
3 hour free bar
Party Hard refillable cup
Games and competitions

Varsity (3 Hour Free Bar) FAQs

What should I wear?

Get your preppy gear on! Still gets quite hot in the evening so don’t wrap up too much! Skirt/shorts and t-shirt will be fine.

What should I bring?

You won’t need to bring anything fancy to Varsity, just yourselves and the night-out essentials.

Anything else I need to know?

Is there VIP available? Not here! At Varsity everyone is the same! You get as many drinks as you can handle in the three hours so make the most of it. 

Do I have to take part in the games? No, not at all. If you want to find a seat at the bar and just keep on refilling those cups then that’s fine. But the more the merrier when it comes to the games. It is Varsity after all.

Varsity (3 Hour Free Bar) Photos

Included in Ultimate Events Package

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