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Zante Paint Party

Are you ready to enter the messiest, craziest, busiest and most incredible paint party you’ll ever experience? If so – welcome to your Zante Paint Party! Join hundreds of other Zante party goers in Rescue and prepare to have the time of your life. As soon as you’re in, you’ll be greeted with a free t-shirt as a gift to help you remember the night forever. The resident DJs will get the party pumping and the atmosphere buzzing with some of the summer’s greatest bangers to set the electric scene for the event. Your reps will be on the side lines, ready and waiting to splatter you with 1000s of litres of glowing UV paint! With all the colourful liquids flying around, you’ll be leaving looking like something straight out of Art Attack. If that isn’t the sign of a successful party and a night gone right, what is?

What’s Included

Paint Party ticket
Drinks deals
1000s litres of paint
Free t-shirt

Paint Party FAQs

What’s included?
  • Paint Party ticket
  • FREE t-shirt
  • Drinks deals
  • 1,000s litres of paints
  • Host and DJs
What should I wear?

The paint will stain clothes so probably an outfit you were going to throw out anyway. You’ll get a free shirt on arrival so that’s the top sorted. Same goes for the shoes, just avoid the flip flops as it will be busy! No one wants crushed toes.

What should I bring to the Paint Party?

Plastic covers and bum bags are great for keeping your valuables safe and dry!

Will the paint stain me?

The paint is water based so it won’t stain you. It may show up in lighter hair for a few days but it will wash out. Who knows, maybe it will be your new look!

What if I get paint in my hotel room?

Hotels will probably charge a fee if paint gets on sheets so just wash as soon as you get in!

Paint Party Photos

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