What’s Ayia Napa Really Like?

Ayia Napa, like most party destinations, has made a name for itself as a place where young people come to get messy, drink a lot, and make poor decisions.

But these locations are changing, and so are the people! With party holidays becoming more and more popular every year, we now have a much better insight into what it’s really like. Plus, more of the events and holidays are more secure, and regulated – overall giving everyone a safe and fun experience. 

Club 18-30 has slowly made its way out of the picture making way for a new and exciting wave of party holidays. We supply discounts on events and hotels, secure payment plans, ATOL protection, and trained reps to guide you along the way. 

Ayia Napa was one of the first destinations to really hit it big with club 18-30 and was dubbed ‘the new Ibiza’. The culture of the time revolved around ‘sun, sea and sex’ and we heard rumours of seedy games and exploits of young people looking to have a good time. Now that time has gone on, Ayia Napa looks to rid itself of this reputation. 

A Sightseeing Day Trip to Ayia Napa and Famagusta —

Along with responsible reps and much more regulated events and clubs, attitudes of young people have also changed. It’s not so much about going crazy, rather making memories and having fun with your friends. The most simple way to see this is by the photos taken at events, by the professional photographers. Where you might expect to see wet t-shirt contests or binge-drinking twenty somethings, you actually see hundreds of people dancing, posing for the camera and overall having an amazing time. 

Some of the most popular events are the Fantasy Boat Party, Champagne Sessions pool party and Welcome to the Jungle. All included in our Ultimate Events Package, you’re looked after by the reps and offered a night to remember. Filled with guest DJs, drinks deals and games with prizes, these are fully formed events looking to give people a great time, not just to sell it to them. 

Reps themselves are hired by well-developed companies such as ourselves and now have company values to show throughout their time working as reps. Being the first point of contact for customers in-resort, reps are your friendly base to help solve any issues you may have. In the past, reps have purely appeared to sell events, based on commission. You may end up being hundreds out of pocket, with a few events you don’t even want to go to! 

Party Hard Ayia Napa 2023 | Hangout on Holiday

Here, our reps have signed up to gain an amazing experience, not just a free holiday. You might expect it to be a summer-long party, all play and no work, but you’d be wrong. 

With Party Hard Travel you can gain a very real experience with high levels of control in multiple business areas. Such areas include, but are not limited to, social media marketing, sales, customer service, hotel chains, supply networks, event management, team working, finance, crisis management and corporate social responsibility.

Work abroad as a Resort Representative can also help you to develop your personal development skills; such as confidence, communication and leadership.

We don’t want candidates to look at this position as an ‘extended holiday’, we want to help our team to learn and gain experience in line with their future goals and aspirations. Therefore, once placed in a resort, reps will specialise in an area designed to enhance their career growth and become the ultimate party holiday rep.

Party Hard Bar Crawl - Ayia Napa Events | Party Hard Travel

As for the resort itself, it goes without saying it’s still going to be busy! With so many flying in every summer, the strip can be heaving with people. That being said, you’re still guaranteed a great time. Clubs have capacity limits and events have guest lists, so you’ve got ways to make sure you have an amazing night. Every year, more and more bars open up to accommodate the popularity. You really don’t even need to go to a club to have a night out. Plenty of bars provide their own local DJs and dancefloors.

The Ambassaden Bar is located around the Ayia Napa square and it has been a staple of the Ayia Napa nightlife for decades. As one of the first to open at the start of the season and the last to close, this is always a popular venue.

Ambassaden blasts out the latest club tracks along with floods of bubbles, streamers, balloons, lasers and CO2 cannons! Some of the highlights of this bar include the staff and of course, the drinks deals. 

The Ambassaden Bar, Ayia Napa Square

Take a look at our Ayia Napa venue guide for more information about bars, clubs, places to eat and beach clubs in Ayia Napa.

Time to see the change for yourself!


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