The Ayia Napa Strip: An Ultimate Nightlife Guide For 2020

The Ayia Napa Strip: An Ultimate Nightlife Guide For 2020

Wanting to find out just what might be in store for your 2020 holiday to Ayia Napa? Or just getting excited and want to get as much info as possible. Either way, we got you. We’ve put together this useful article on all things nightlife in Ayia Napa. Take a look through this to get the best advice on things to do and where to go and how to have the ultimate night out in Ayia Napa. The Ayia Napa strip isn’t a strip as such, it’s more of a square. But this square is the place to be each and every night. Packed with different themed bars there’s plenty of places to choose from for your pre-drinks before heading to night-time events in your events package. Read on for more of our info.

Where Is The Ayia Napa Square?

The Ayia Napa Square is located in the Ayia Napa area which is on the eastern side of Cyprus. When looking for hotels make sure you check the maps. As Ayia Napa is bit of a bigger region then some of our other destinations, and you won’t want to be travelling too far to get to the main area every day and night.

The airport that you will fly into is Larnaca. This is about a 45-minute drive if going direct. You can get taxis for around €50-€60, if splitting the cost then this may be an option for your group if you want to get to Ayia Napa quicker. If your booking with us comes with a transfer it may take a little longer depending on the number of stops.

Ayia Napa Square Map

The Ayia Napa Square By Day

The Ayia Napa square and surrounding areas are still full of things to do in the day. It is a bit more developed than some other party destinations so you will definitely find something to keep your days busy too. Go shopping or visit Nissi Beach – a blue flag awarded beach. Hit the theme park in the evening before you go out out!

The sun in Ayia Napa gets really hot in the summer months, so if you’re wanting to lounge and do nothing in the day then we wouldn’t blame you. There are plenty of beaches to go to in Ayia Napa to top up your tan. Or even just head down to your hotel pool and get to know some others who are staying in the same place.

If you’re wanting to shift that hangover then you’re going to need to get some food. Take a look at some of our recommended restaurants below.

Restaurants On The Ayia Napa Strip

Othello’s – Othello’s is your go to if you’re looking to eat some authentic Mediterranean food. They serve classic Cypriot and Greek dishes along with other European favourites for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Hard Rock Café – The Hard Rock Café is well known and there’s one right in the heart of Ayia Napa. They offer a classic menu with an amazing atmosphere. Enjoy your dinner with a little bit of live music and a cocktail or three.

Nikita’s – Arguably the best steak you will have on your holiday, enough said.

Blueberries – Blueberries is in the top 5 restaurants in Ayia Napa on trip advisor so they’re definitely doing something right. Bluberries is a family run restaurant that has been around for 30 years! They boast quality fresh ingredients to offer classic Mediterranean dishes and more.

Wagamama – Yes there is a Wagamama in Ayia Napa! If you’re hungover and looking for some comfort food and want to stick to what you know, Wagamama’s it is.

The Ayia Napa Strip By Night

The Ayia Napa square and the surrounding areas really do light up at night, quite literally. You can see the lights and hear the music from a mile off. Make your way from bar to bar around the square and make sure you try each one at least once. The bars in Ayia Napa put in a lot of effort in terms of their themes and aesthetics so you’ll definitely find the ones you and your friends will love.

Make sure you check out which bars offer exclusive deals and discounts to Party Hard guests with the Party Hard Discount Wristband. Speak to the reps in resort to find out what’s available.

Bars in The Ayia Napa Square

The Ayia Napa square and surrounding areas are full of bars to get those pre-drinks in before your night time events. Ayia Napa loves a theme – each bar has a different theme and feel to it so make sure you check them all out. To make it easier we’ve included a list of some of our go-to bars below.

Bed Rock – Do you want to go to Bed Rock? Yabba Dabba yeah you do! This Flintstone themed bar will have you rocking all night long.

Senior Frogs – If you like random dance breaks, karaoke and impromptu conga lines then this is the place for you. Anything can happen at any minute at Senior Frogs.

Pirates Inn – Take a shot or walk the plank. This pirate themed bar is ARRGHHH-mazing. Dance along to Just Dance on the big screens and really let your hair down. Make sure you get your fill of rum to avoid getting scurvy!

Encore – If you’re looking for a bit more of a premium vibe to put on your Instagram story then head to Encore.

Bronx – Bronx offers a very lively atmosphere that’s always busy – with people often spilling out and dancing on the streets. It’s the home of RnB, Hip-Hop and Garage.

Clubs In Ayia Napa

Once the bars start to get a bit quieter it’s on to the next stop, and that’s the clubs. Most clubs in Ayia Napa open around midnight/1am and go on until early hours of the morning. Amazing music, light shows, CO2 cannons and even swimming pools are some of the things you can expect from the clubs in Ayia Napa.

Castle Club – Yep, you guessed it, this club looks like a castle! Are you the King of the shuffle or the Queen of downing Sambuca?

Aqua – This club stays open right until sunrise so if you’re looking for somewhere to literally dance the night away then look no further. Oh, and it also has a pool inside!

Carwash – Honking cars, great music, drink deals and more. Did you ever used to get excited to go to the car wash with your parents when you were younger? This is a whole other level.

Sin – This club is anything but a sin. In fact, not visiting here at least once would be a sin. This club offers the best in Dancehall, Grime and RnB!

Shuffle – Club Shuffle is the place to be for all house-heads – just like the name suggests. Rave vibes can be felt all the way through each and every night.

Hotels Near The Ayia Napa Strip

In order to get the best experience, we only offer hotels that have been highly rated by previous Party Harders, and if you book your holiday or hotel through us you’ll get our Ayia Napa Essential Events Package included for FREE.

Ayia Napa is full of hotels to host thousands of people each and every year. There are a lot that are very close to the square area and some that of course aren’t, make sure you check where your hotel is on the map before booking. Some of our popular hotels such as Green Bungalows sell out fast so get yours booked to avoid disappointment.

You’ll be charged a Tourist Tax when checking in. This amount is dependent on the star rating of the hotel, the number of nights you are staying, and the number of rooms booked. The amount is not typically more than 5 euros per night. It’s also very normal in party resorts for hotels to charge a returnable room deposit. These room deposits are typically €50 euros per person and returned to you after your stay (providing you haven’t had the paint party in your room!). You’ll get these deposits back after the hotel staff give your room a check over when you check-out so don’t go too hard the night before – give yourself plenty of time to check-out and get to the airport.

More than likely, there will be a damages list in your room. You don’t want to blow your spending money on any new furniture so treat the place with respect. After all, this is going to be your home for the week.

Get your holiday to Ayia Napa booked now by checking out the available hotels. Don’t forget, we are the only travel agency to offer you the Essentials Events Package worth £100 completely free!