Ibiza Transport Guide

Ibiza has some of the best venues in the world, however they tend to be dotted here there and everywhere. So we’ve put together an in-depth guide on transport throughout Ibiza, helping you get from A to B on your Ibiza clubbing holiday!


Below are the current taxi rates as set by the Balearic government:

  • Minimum fare on the street: €3.65
  • With booking through phone call: €4.95
  • Plus €1.09/km from 07:00 – 21:00
  • Plus €1.33/km from 21:00 – 07:00; from 15:00 on Saturdays Sundays and Bank Holidays
  • Supplement airport/port: €1.80
  • Waiting time: daytime €19.58/hour, night time, Sundays and bank holidays €23.98/hour
  • Luggage free of charge

You can book a taxi via the Taxi-Click app.

You can call these numbers below to book a taxi:

Radio Taxi Ibiza town – 971 39 84 83

Radio Taxi San Antonio – 971 34 37 64

Illegal Taxis

A common problem with Ibiza transport is the use of illegal taxis. To earn money, locals will illegally work as taxi drivers in unlicensed vehicles. If one is pulled over, the driver and the passengers may be liable to charges. Obviously this is the last thing we want anyone to experience on holiday. 

To identify a legal taxi, look for a blue number plate.


You can find information on bus transfers to events our FAQ pages for each event.

Maybe you’re looking to have a few days out to explore the island? There’s a lot of great public transport available in Ibiza. Busses run from 7am until 11pm plus there are additional night buses in and around San Antonio and Playa D’en Bossa, the two main party destinations. The disco bus connects all major resorts and clubs from midnight until 6 am.

You can view timetables at bus stops and ticket offices. Bus stops are signed as ‘P’ (parada means stop). Buy a ticket at an office if you find one, but you can still just pay the driver when you board the bus. It may be easier to use a ticket office due to the language barrier. 

Airport Transfers

When you book flights and hotels with us, we will include airport transfers to your chosen hotel. Usually, whoever you book with, bus transfers are included. If you would prefer to organise your own transfer, you can book a shared shuttle bus or a standard or luxury car service. You can also refer to the taxi resources above for transfers. 

You may be able to save some money by pre-booking a taxi transfer rather than taking the bus so it may be worth exploring your options. 

Taxi prices from the airport:

  • Airport – Playa d’en Bossa €11 – €14
  • Airport – San Antonio €28 – €36


Looking to have a day out? Ferries operate all day to many other beautiful coastlines around the island. Ferries from San Antonio usually leave every 30 mins so you should have plenty of time throughout the day to hop on. Fares start at  €30  so make sure it’s all within budget!

Car Hire

If you want that extra bit of freedom on your holiday, you can always hire a car! Please be aware that most car hire companies require you to be 21 or 23 years old. You will also have to check that your driver’s license is valid and accepted at your chosen company.


Look out for the colour of the curb when looking to park legally and safely in Ibiza. 

Yellow curb – No Parking

Blue curb – Pay Parking or restricted parking times

No colour – parking is free

Yellow curb with blue lines on the road – Loading areas – no parking in the indicated times

San Antonio has many areas designated for pay-parking. Look out for the pay machines. On the machine, you can choose the language for proper instructions.


If you feel some information has been missed in this Ibiza Transport Guide, feel free to contact us for more information


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