How Much Spending Money Do I Need In Malia?

Every year as soon as someone books their Party Hard holiday to Malia we always get asked the same question… So, how much money do I need? Answer the questions below and it should give you a rough idea for how much money you’re going to need this summer!

So you’ve got your Malia holiday coming up, so what’s next? Spending money. We often get asked how much we think people should take on their holidays. This depends on how you spend your days and nights on holiday. It may be a difficult question to answer but we’ve put together this simple quick-read guide so you can get an average idea of daily spend and go from there. This guide includes your drink prices, food prices and some daytime activity prices. Check it out below.

Drink Prices

Drinks will range in price of course. Most of the big clubs will have offers such as two spirit mixers for €5.

For the bars the drinks may be slightly different, they can range from about €3 – €6. But here’s a top tip for free. Listen to what the PRs outside the bars have to offer. They are employed to entice you into a bar, which means they can offer deals and discounts that you wouldn’t be able to get if you just went to the bar to order for yourself.

Food Prices

Eating on the strip is very reasonably priced. You can get breakfasts starting from €3 and going up to about €5 – €6.

Most meals out in Malia will cost an average of €10 but he portions are very generous, you get a lot for your money, plus throw in a few lemon Fantas or something a bit stronger you’re looking at about €15 per person.

If you’re looking for something to eat after a night out to help that hangover the next day then there are plenty of places to choose from, whether you want chicken, kebab, pizza or just your classic cheesy chips, you’ll find it on the strip. You’re looking on average about €5.

Daytime Activity Prices

Here’s a list of some of the things you can do in Malia in the day and their prices:

Trip to the waterpark: Starting from €28pp

Go-Karting: Starting from €15pp

Mini Golf: Around €7pp

Water Sports: Average of €15pp

Malia on a budget: €40 – €50 per day

The Full Malia Experience: €80 – €90 per day


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