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Malia Live Beach Party

It’s live acts, performing at a beach party in Malia, what more can we say! These are not just your average acts either, these are some of the most current people in the charts today. Each and every week Malia Live Beach Party does not disappoint. The sun sets as you’re with your best pals, drink in hand, jumping up and down to live acts. If that doesn’t sound good, we don’t know what does. To give you an idea previous performers include AJ Tracey, Aitch, Fuse ODG, Not3s and more. Secure your spot at the biggest Beach Party on the Island with the Ultimate Events Package.


What’s included?
  • Transport to and From the Event
  • Drink Deals
  • Live Performances
What’s the line-up?

Line-ups are usually announced around March/April so keep an eye on our event calendars for info on who will be there.

What’s the dress code?

Go all-out! A festival needs your best festival or beach club  gear,  glitter, sunglasses and back-up sunscreen – we want to look hot, not cooked. Best to go for comfy trainers if you don’t want your feet stomped on. Bum bags are always a good shout for keeping your valuables safe.

Is there transport included?

Yes! Coaches will pick you up from the strip and take you to the venue. Your reps will let you know all the details. You could also split a 5-10 min taxi with your mates, or just walk 20-30 mins to save a bit of money! Just make sure you know where you’re going and that you all stick together.

Where will transport pick us up from?

The coaches will pick you up from the top of the strip, the reps will let you know exactly where.

What if I miss the coach?

You can get taxis from the top of the strip to crystal beach club, if you split with your friends it’s not too bad, it’s only a 5-10 min drive. Or you can walk but it is about 20-30 mins.

Who will be performing?

Line-ups are usually announced around March time, so keep an eye on our event calendars to find out who’s going to be performing.

Malia Live Festival Photos

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