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Event Description

Malia Live, Malia Live, Malia Live! The best event for live acts, and we don’t mean Karen who sings down the pub on the 3rd Saturday of every month, these are top current UK artists. Previous years have seen the likes of Not3s, Aitch, Nathan Dawe, Hardy Caprio and more. So get ready for another Summer of pure bangers. With artists like these it’s no wonder the queues get big, make sure you head down to Candy Club as early as possible and get yourself inside.


What’s Included?
  • Drink Deals
  • Live performances
  • DJ sets
What To Wear?

Girls: The strip at night is very relaxed and it can still be very warm. We recommend just a pair of shorts, trainers and a nice top. You’ll be sorted.

Boys: Shorts, top and trainers. It literally is that simple.

What To Bring?

Most nights on the strip you’ll only need the same as you would on a night out at home. Cram the essentials into a bum-bag and Bob’s your Uncle.

Anything Else We Should Know?

What Time is Last Entry: The club opens at 12 and gets very busy so better to get down there as soon as can to avoid queues. Last guaranteed entry with your wristband is around 2am, don’t leave it that late though, you don’t want to miss the acts.

Is VIP available: Yes Candy Club have multiple VIP areas with tables and booths and bottle service. If you want to get that snap of all 14 of your friends holding a Grey Goose bottle, we got you. Speak to your reps in resort if you want to go VIP.

How do I find out who’s performing when I’m there? Keep checking our event calendars to see who’s going to be there when you’re there. Your rep will also drop you a text to remind you on the day.

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