The complete guide to all the best restaurants and places to eat in Magaluf!

Barbuda, Beach Bar and Grill, Magaluf, Mallorca


Although Barbuda is a 5 minute drive from the main resort, it won’t disappoint if you decide to visit. Established in 2019, this Beach Bar & Grill is polished to perfection.

The Mediterranean cuisine ranges from grilled meats to fresh seafood dishes as well as classic club sandwiches. There’s something for everyone. Bottomless brunch is always a hit here. Help yourself to a mimosa, or two…or ten, it is bottomless after all!

Barbuda is open every day from 11am to 11pm

Blackbeard’s Beach Bar & Grill, Magaluf, Mallorca


Food and cocktails by the beach? Absolutely. Blackbeard’s is a Beach Bar & Grill that prides itself on being the only Beach Barbecue in Magaluf. With rave reviews, Blackbeard’s makes sure you have a great time, all thanks to the excellent team of staff.

All food and drink is 100% homemade, including barbecued meats as well as Mediterranean dishes and fresh Seafood specialities too. Choose from cocktails, beers and spirits (including Rum) while you watch the sunset over the blue sea. Blackbeard’s Beach Bar & Grill isn’t one to miss!

Blackbeard’s Bar & Grill is open every day from 1:30pm to 11:30pm

Robinson Crusoe’s, Beach Bar and Restaurant, Magaluf, Mallorca

Robinson Crusoe’s

Located on Calvia beach, Robinson Crusoe’s has been a lifesaver for many a party goer over the last 21 years. 

Grab a Full English breakfast, the ultimate hangover cure, as well as other classic breakfasts. Pop in throughout the day to order a burger, a loaded sandwich or a fresh, homemade cocktail. Crusoe’s has become one of the ultimate bars/grills to stop at to fill up for the big night ahead.

Robinson Crusoe’s is open everyday from 7am until the end of the day

Boatyard Beach Bar and Grill, Magaluf, Mallorca


The Boatyard is a friendly and welcoming beach bar and grill on the Magaluf beachfront. You can make the most of the summer sun with a great meal, all for reasonable prices.

Breakfast ranges from omelettes and pancakes to a good old Full English if you’re looking for that perfect hangover cure. Plus, lunch and dinner are served later on with options for burgers, chicken, all of the favourites. Save yourself from the heat with an ice cold cocktail after a day sunbathing on the beach.

Boatyard is open every day from 10am to midnight

Bondi Beach, Bar and Grill, Magaluf, Mallorca

Bondi Beach

Looking over the Calvia beachfront, Bondi Beach is one of the places to eat in Magaluf. Just look out for the neon glowing lights, you can’t miss it.

You can experience the finest in Mediterranean cuisine right here, including a range of fresh seafood and grilled meats. If that’s not your thing, you can also find pasta and even sushi here on the menu! This might be a great place to treat yourselves to a group meal before another night out.

Bondi Beach is open every day from 10am to 2:30am

Foxy’s Beach Bar & Grill, Magaluf, Mallorca


Foxy’s is a little different from the rest of the beach bar & grills, as it transforms into a pre-drinks hotspot!

Food ranges from wraps, paninis and other meat based dishes to freshly made pizzas! Some drinks include the Sangria and Skittles shots, plus, there are plenty of deals through the night. Take a visit if you’re looking to mix up the week a bit.

Foxy’s is open every day from 10am to midnight

Pirates Arena, Themed Theatre and Restaurant, Magaluf, Mallorca

Pirates’ Arena

This pirate themed theater and restaurant can be found just a couple of minutes away from the main strip! Here, you can enjoy a Meditteraenean meal with an amazing show. This is by far the most unique place to eat in Magaluf.

The Pirates Arena hosts a variety of events, including 18+ shows like “Pirates Reloaded”. This action packed night full of acrobatic performances and a festival-like experience to remember! If you’ve booked our Ultimate Events Package, you’ll have the chance to visit for “Gringos Bingo”. Think bingo meets a rave – definitely one to make everyone at home jealous.

Pirates Arena’s opening times are subject to each individual event

Crystal’s Bar, Magaluf Strip, Mallorca


A lounge with a chilled out vibe might be what you need after a hot day under the sun. Chill out on the terrace and watch the sunset with a slice of pizza and a cocktail before hitting the strip – a great way to start the night.

Crystal’s Bar is one of the most chill bars around the strip, this is complemented by the selection of chilled and frozen drinks on offer – the daiquiris here are a fan favourite! It’s also home to the Magaluf Boat Cruise after party which features on our Ultimate Events Package! This is the best place to carry on the party and get you in the spirit to hit the strip.

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