How Much Spending Money Do I Need In Kavos?

Every year as soon as someone books their Party Hard holiday to Kavos we always get asked the same question… So, how much money do I need? Answer the questions below and it should give you a rough idea for how much money you’re going to need this summer!

Most of you who are planning your holiday may be wondering how much spending money to take to Kavos with you, it’s a question we get a lot. There is no simple answer to this one as it depends what you want from your holiday, how you want to spend your nights, and what you want to do with your days. However we’ve put together this helpful guide, full of activity, food and drink prices so you can get a general idea of how much you might be spending on your Kavos holiday. Have a read through and then you can give yourself a daily budget and start saving!

Drink Prices

Let’s start off with the most important question, how much are the drinks? The drink prices vary but they are generally around €5 for a big cup of spirit and mixer. Other drinks are of course available and the range from around €3 – €6.

In some bars drinks can be a little bit cheaper and they might have deals on that you can get from the PRs working outside. Most people instinctively try to avoid them, however if you know you want to go into a certain bar, listening to them will often save you money. The PRs can offer you deals and discounts that you wouldn’t get if you just went to the bar yourself, so definitely take advantage of this and hear their deals.

Food Prices

You can get breakfasts starting from €2 going up to €5-€6.

In restaurants most meals (not including drinks) will come to around €9pp on average AND the portions in most restaurants are very generous! Chuck in a few Fanta Lemons, because you’re on holiday, and you’re looking at about €14 per person.

If you’re like anyone else and you enjoy a kebab or slice of pizza after a night out there are plenty of places to get these on the Kavos strip. You can get a traditional Greek gyros (they’re amazing) for around €3 each. Slices of pizza start from around €2 each.

Daytime Activity Prices

We’ve put together a list of activities you can do in and around Kavos along with their prices.

Bowling/Arcade games: About €10 per person per game. They may do large group discounts.

Water Assault Course: From €15 per person

Bus to Corfu Town: €5 per person

Aqua Land Water Park: Tickets start from €30 per person

Kavos on a Budget: €40 – €50 per day.

The Full Kavos Experience: €70 -€80 per day.


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