Is Zante A Good Party Holiday Destination?

So you’re asking ‘Is Zante a Party Holiday?’

If you’re looking to book a party holiday for 2022 and there are no shortage of destinations to choose from. It seems like there are more locations than ever dotted around the Mediterranean where you can jet off to if you’re looking to soak in some sunshine and dance the night away with a cocktail in one hand (or both!). It’s pretty likely that one of the spots that’s come up while you’re trying to figure out where exactly you want to go is Zante, but you might’ve wondered if it’s really a party destination- it doesn’t necessarily appear in the same breath as Ibiza or Magaluf if you were to ask about the party hotspots of the Med. In our opinion, Zante is a brilliant island that really is what you make of it- if you want to make every night a hectic one you’ll have absolutely no trouble! However if you’re looking to balance the nightlife with some sightseeing, there are some absolutely gorgeous views and calm, secluded beaches to cure your hangover on. Here we’ll give you the rundown of each side of Zante no matter what flavour of holiday you’re looking for.


If you’re in Zante it’s most likely that you’ll be staying in the main resort of Laganas, and throughout the whole summer season from June to August it’s going to be super lively in the daytime and absolutely buzzing at night. In Laganas you’ll find the Strip which is where you’ll be totally spoilt for choice if you’re looking to get the drinks in- from sports bars if you’re looking to catch the footy, proper nightclubs where you can lose yourself in the music or get messy at a paint party! There’s very much a mixture of music throughout, so don’t worry about getting sneered at by techno snobs- you’ll have no trouble finding some ‘80s cheese to sing along to or just the latest chart music if that’s what you’re looking for. 


Probably the most famous club in Zante is Rescue, where international DJs like Dave Pearce frequently play- there’s also club’s famous Paint Party every Wednesday and a chance to tap into your wild side with the Zoo nights, which have a jungle themed dress code and a host of entertainment including fire breathers and face painting! If you’re looking to get a few more little pointers on how to level up your Zante nightlife experience, we have our own guide to the Laganas strip on our website.

Things to do

So it should be obvious now that you’re gonna have absolutely no issues finding somewhere to dance the night away and that Zante is easily in the same league as the more famous clubbing destinations. But in the interest of fairness, we want you to see that nightlife isn’t the only thing that this Greek Island has to offer. Zante is an absolutely gorgeous island overflowing with natural beauty and you don’t even need to venture far from the strip to get a taste of it. For example, just a 20 minute walk from Laganas will get you to Cameo Island, a beautiful slice of nature in the water where you’re likely to get a glimpse of some turtles! You’ll also be able to book a boat trip along Zante’s rugged coastline to see the secluded and magical Shipwreck Beach, which really does play host to an abandoned ship right on the sand! This beach is absolutely beautiful and definitely worth a visit. 

Aside from the amazing nature spots, you’ll be able to find plenty to do on the strip by day, with the classic minigolf and go-karting only a few minutes walk from the centre, and a host of amazing dining options (for the best pizza that’ll cure the worst hangover try BJ’s!)

After reading this, we reckon you should have a good idea of what Zante is all about- whether it’s a full-on week of nonstop party, a chilled out sightseeing holiday or something in between that you’re looking for, this little Greek island really does have something for everyone! It’s more than realistic to wake up hungover, take a brisk walk and have a lie down by the sea and recuperate yourself at one of the many nature spots on offer, and feel rejuvenated enough to get back on it the following night- maybe with a little help from your friend Berocca… So, if you’re feeling pretty sold on Zante now and are looking to start booking check out Party Hard Travel – don’t forget your sunscreen!


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