Top 5 Instagrammable Hotspots in Ayia Napa

Keeping your Instagram feed fresh won’t be a problem when you’re on your 2024 party holiday in Ayia Napa, as Napa has some of the best Instagrammable hotspots in all of Europe! Here are 5 that are all about the #instagoals.

1) Ayia Napa Sea Caves

One of the most iconic and Insta-worthy spots in all of Ayia Napa, this is where 10 foot high natural limestone cliffs jut from the crystal clear Mediterranean Sea. Cliff jumping, snorkelling or exploring the sea caves, take your pick of locations for your perfect instatravel shot!

10 foot high natural limestone cliffs of the Ayia Napa Sea Caves

2) BCL Festival

Getting glammed up for #bclfestival on your lads’ or girls’ Ayia Napa clubbing holiday and there’s just time for a cheeky pre BCL post! Later on, as the sun goes down on one of the most beautiful beaches in Ayia Napa and the fireworks light up the sky, get that epic shot of the crowds
partying to the world’s biggest DJs.

Craig David appearing live on stage at the Ayia Napa BCL Festival

3) Lover’s Bridge

Cyprus isn’t known as the island of love for nothing; it’s said to be the birthplace of the Greek goddess of love and beauty Aphrodite. But whether you’re loved up or not on your Ayia Napa party holiday, the new Love Bridge with its vivid coloured panels stretching across the landscape makes for a fab #insta post! And at the end of the bridge, you’ll reach a gorgeous bay. Cue Insta post number 2.

Clear turquoise waters surrounding the famous naturally formed Cyprus Love Bridge

4) Fantasy Boat Party

Posing with your friends as you get ready to set sail for the #fantasyboatparty with your matching outfits ready for action. You and your lads or girls leaping off the #fantasyboat into the turquoise ocean. Truth is, there will be so many Insta opportunities on the Fantasy Boat Party in Ayia Napa for summer ‘19 that your Insta feed will be going wild! Just get someone else to hold the camera before you jump!

Posing with your friends on the Ayia Napa Fantasy Boat Party

5) Nissi Beach

Definitely #nofilter needed when you’re chilling on #nissibeach. All those tropical palms, gently rolling waves and golden sand is just calling for one thing…you. Lounging on your inflatable flamingo, rocking the shades on your sun lounger or slurping a cocktail from a pineapple glass. One thing is for sure, your summer 2020 party holiday in Ayia Napa is set to make your Instagram look good!

Chilling out in the gently rolling waves and sands of Nissi Beach


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