Party Hard’s 7 Reasons to Visit Malta

Planning the best week of your life but unsure where to spend it? The island of Malta could be the one for you. Bursting with sun, sea and of course, a nightlife everyone dreams of. Here’s our top reasons why you should visit Malta for your clubbing holiday of 2024!

1. Sun Sun Sun

Sunny weather valletta malta

On average, Malta gets 300 days of sun every single year. Just a small step up from the UK, right? Located in the central Mediterranean Sea, summer heats can reach 28 to 34 degrees! But wherever there’s heat, there’s always our good friend, air-con, which you can expect in most restaurants, bars and hotels while you visit Malta. Above all, it’s the perfect weather to get the tan you’ve been dreaming of (if you don’t forget the sunscreen). Even in April and May, you can get up to 24 degree heat, right through until October when the heat starts to drop. So if you want to avoid the busiest summer months, you’re sorted.

2. English is the Second Language

Since Malta was a British Colony, most of the population speaks English. Not that any of you were planning on learning a second language for your hols but it definitely makes life easier. Plus, you can easily get to know any locals and get the full Malta experience. Look out for the red Telephone and Post boxes dotted around the island. Not something you’d expect to see, 2000 miles from home!

3. The Best Beaches

Not to boast, but Malta now has 11 Blue Flag beaches, praised for being stunning, sandy and clean. With plenty of beach clubs and bars nearby, what better way to spend the summer than a frozen cocktail after a dip in the Mediterranean. With the popular clubbing areas being Paceville and St Julian’s, you can try out St George’s Bay for a sandy beachfront and Fond Ghadir Bay, filled with Roman baths, carved out of the rocks and filled with the clear blue waters from the sea. You won’t get much like this anywhere else so be sure to give it a go when you visit Malta in 2023!

4. The Paceville Nightlife

Paceville Malta

It’s what all of you Party-Harders came for – bars, clubs and big events all summer seasons. You’ll find the heart of the nightlife in Paceville (pronounced pach-eh-vil) on the East side of the island. There really is something for everyone, and with the average price of a bottle of beer being €2 to €3, you can get the most out of a night. To start the night off, places like Bellinii Bar and Peppermint Park are great for deals and shots. If you’re out for cocktails there’s the Thirsty Barber or Hugo’s Lounge or if you’re after some home comfort then a good old pub is never far away, like The Dubliner or Saddle’s Pub. When you’re ready to hit the clubs, any fan of techno, house or EDM will love Liquid Club, Clique or the Aria Complex – a huge open air night-club. There’s so many great choices to mention so be sure to check out our guide to the island when you visit Malta.

5. Gianpula Village

Gianpula village Malta

As if the nightlife couldn’t get any better, prepare yourselves for this massive complex, made up of 11 different venues! Rooftop bars, pool parties and clubs, to open air arenas – it has it all. About a 20 minute drive from Paceville, you can easily split a taxi with your mates if you’re dying to go. Taxi’s will be around 25 Euros, but will absolutely be worth it for a night like no other. The venue has seen some big names performing in the past, so keep an eye on their calendar for the biggest events of 2023.

6. Tasty Food

Food in Malta

If you’re going to visit Malta, you’d be a fool not to check out the amazing food on offer. With the island being so close to Sicily, don’t be surprised to see plenty of Pizza places dotted around. Claudio’s Pizza on St George’s street and Alice’s Pizza on Ball street (both in St Julian’s) will be sure to give you a slice of heaven before (or after) a legendary night out. Being in the Mediterranean and near the coast, you can also find the freshest seafood and Mediterranean dishes. Feta salads, grilled chicken, Baba Ganoush, Paella… are you hungry yet? And like any classic party destination, home is never far away with places like the Scotsman Pub serving up Fish and Chips or a Roast Dinner. Be sure to check out our Malta Guide for more delicious restaurant options.

7. Stunning Sights

Above all else, Malta looks AMAZING. Blue lagoons, sea caves and rocky cliffs. Even the towns themselves, especially the capital Valetta (not too far from St Julian’s). Go for a plunge in a blue lagoon or splash some extra cash on some scuba diving to try and spot some turtles! Malta is one of the most popular scuba diving destinations so maybe it’s time to whack on the snorkel and see why?

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