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Spring Break

Included in the Magaluf Ultimate Events Package


Magaluf Spring Break is new to our Ultimate Events Package – making it bigger and better than ever. Never mind that holiday to Cancun, experience your very own Spring Break in Magaluf. Free T-shirt included, oh and make sure you put on the right coloured one. If you’re TAKEN – then make sure you wear red. If it’s COMPLICATED – then grab the yellow. But if you’re SINGLE then get yourself a green one. Then, head to club Project for the official Spring Break after-party.

What’s Included?

Entry to Both Pre Party and After Party
Drink Deals
Special Guest Appearances
Free T-Shirt

Why Party Hard?

We have been doing this for years now and we bundle all the best events together into one simple affordable events package – the ultimate events package. Spring Break really is a must and getting it in our package means you’ll save both time and money. Check out what previous customers say here


What should I wear?

Whatever you fancy. You’ll get a free t-shirt so don’t sweat about it too much. Sensible shoes are always a good idea on a packed night.

Where is Mambo’s?

Right near all the action of the Maga nightlife. Your reps will let you know where all your events are.

Where is Club Project?

Right on the main strip. You’ll all be heading there for the after party so don’t worry about getting lost.

How much are drinks?

The usual for strip prices – around 3-5 Euros.

Is there a last entry?

You’ll need to be at the event before 12 to get access to club Project!

Which day will I be going?

Your reps will let you know when everything is happening.

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