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Gringos Bingo

Gringos Bingo, Magaluf’s answer to Gala, except with an adult twist. This is not bingo how you know it. Get ready for a completely different take on Bingo. Expect lots of games, funny rules, dance breaks, competitions, performances, sketches, free giveaways and more. One minute your eyes down dabbing away, the next minute your up on your seats dancing and chanting. You’ll meet a fair few fun characters across the night too! We’re going to take this opportunity to let those who are easily offended know, this is probably not the event for you – the hosts’ wicked sense of humour never ceases to amaze us.  Oh, and one last thing, there are embarrassing forfeits for fake Bingo callers. So, if you’re in doubt, don’t shout it out.


What’s included?

You’ll get your free Bingo book and pen on arrival as well as table service all night! Don’t miss any of those numbers. Prizes and giveaways of course will be on all night while you watch the extra entertainment. You’re in for a treat.

What are the prizes?

That’s a surprise shhh. It really could be anything, but the prizes get bigger and better as the night goes on. This ain’t no Bingo hall gig, Grandma.

What should I wear?

Just something comfy, you’ll be sat down when playing but there’ll be plenty of dance breaks.

When’s last entry?

Doors close at 11 for the game to start. This is a strict 11. So really you should be there by 10.30 latest to guarantee your entry.

Do they accept card?

Yes, the venue accepts card over a certain amount.

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