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Event Description

Our BRAND NEW for 2020 Champagne Session Pool Party is coming to Magaluf. No holiday would be complete without a pool party and we’ve just completely upped the game, not to blow our own trumpet or anything. There’ll be DJs and performers all day long. If you want to really get that story for the gram then take advantage of the VIP service that’s on offer. If our wonderful description hasn’t already piqued your interest then get this, there may or may not be some special guest appearances, we can neither confirm nor deny (there will be special guest appearances). This event is brand new and we’re so excited for it we’re going to be including it in both The Essential and The Ultimate Events Package.


What’s Included?
  • DJs and Performances
  • VIP Upgrades Available
  • Celebrity Appearances
What To Wear?

Girls: Get those glam bikinis on girls! The perfect opportunity to get a bit of a tan whilst dancing!

Boys: Get your Hawaiian shirts and BooHoo man shorts on. Got to get that instagram ‘Livin’ my best life’ pic. 

What To Bring?

You will definitely need to bring sun protection as you will be under the sun. There are shaded areas but better to be safe than sorry. You can bring a towel and normal pool things if you plan on going in too.

Anything Else We Should Know?

Are There Shaded Areas? Yes, there are shaded areas where you can go to escape the sun for a bit.

Are There Places to Leave My Belongings? There isn’t a designated area to leave your belongings. You can leave them with your sun loungers/beds if you’re getting in the pool, but this will be at your own risk.

Are There Beds/Loungers There are a certain number of beds/loungers, some are free, and some will be priced as VIP etc. There are limited amounts so if you want to get VIP sorted then speak to the reps in resort.

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