How Much Spending Money Do I Need In Ibiza?

Spending Money Do I Need In Ibiza?

Every year as soon as someone books their Party Hard holiday to Ibiza we always get asked the same question… So, how much money do I need? Answer the questions below and it should give you a rough idea for how much money you’re going to need this summer!

So you’re planning your trip to Ibiza and want to know how much to take. Part of any holiday planning is definitely budgeting how much you want to take and saving up for your perfect holiday and we know it can be hard to know just how much to take. There is no simple answer as it all depends on how much you spend on a night out and what sort of things you want to do on your holiday. But take a look through our guide below for some help on how much you should be saving. It includes some of the main things you’ll be spending your money on such as food, drinks and daytime activities.

Food Prices

Food prices are generally quite reasonable for Ibiza. Breakfast starts from between €5 – €6 and you can get main meals for an average spend of €15 – €20.

Drink Prices

This is what you’ll be spending most of your money on so make sure you budget for the prices.

Bars on the west end strip are the best place to start your night as the prices are a lot cheaper than anywhere else. The bars here have similar prices to what you would find back at home, so between €5 and €6 euros for a spirit mixer.

When you get to the clubs this is where the drink prices are a bit more expensive. They are generally (on average) about €20 per drink. So take advantage of pre drinks.

Daytime Activity Prices

Trip to Ibiza Town: Bus journey from €5 per person or a taxi for approximately €25

Ibiza Parasailing: Approximately €75 per person

Visit the Beach/Watch the Sunset: Free

Watersports: Average €20 per person

Ride the Slingshot: Approximately €25 per person

Number of different beach clubs: Bed prices will vary

Ibiza on a Budget: €100 per day

Full Ibiza Experience: €150 – €200 per day


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