Why Ayia Napa is still popular for a Party Holiday

Ayia Napa is one of the longest running holiday destinations in the Mediterranean and for good reason. With a reputation for insane parties, beautiful weather and gorgeous beaches rivalling that of Ibiza, it’s no surprise that the island has been a party holiday hotspot for nearly 30 years now (maybe your parents even have a few Napa stories- ask them!) Although it’s been a big destination for a while, the resort  is always changing and never grows boring or stale- alongside the longtime classics there’s always something new in store each year. Here’s a detailed look at exactly why Ayia Napa is still such a popular place for lads or ladies holidays after first blowing up in the mid ‘90s.


One of the most obvious things that keeps partiers coming back to this little Cypriot island is the sheer amount of things to do that are on offer! You’ve got amazing nightlife, with a huge number of bars that range from the classic Irish pubs where there’s no shortage of Guinness and whiskeys, to some more upscale locations that are perfect for the Instagram feed. That’s not even mentioning the clubs, which are open til the early hours and really do have something for everyone- whether you’re looking to sing along to your favourite ‘80s cheese, dance on the tables to the latest chart toppers, or get shuffling to some underground house and techno, there’s somewhere on the Napa strip that has you covered. You’ll also get free entry to a range of the events being hosted at these clubs with the Party Hard’s Ultimate Events Package!

Loads to do

Outside of the nightlife, there are plenty of things to do to help you shift that hangover. There are plenty of restaurants serving a mixture of home comforts and Mediterranean cuisine to line your stomach, although we recommend doing that AFTER some of the adrenaline inducing activities that you’ll find to do, from with jet skis, quad bikes and bungee jumping all on offer if you’ve got the stomach for it! If you’re looking for something a little more chilled out, there are plenty of more relaxing things to do during the day, like chilling on any number of the beautiful beaches dotted along the coast.

Unbeatable Garage

You’ve got to admit that people really do like to stick to what they know, and that’s probably a major reason that Ayia Napa is somewhere that keeps people coming back year after year for another Ayia Napa infamous holiday. Ayia Napa first started to get popular in the mid to late ‘90s thanks to the UK Garage scene branching out to new locations to play out, and quickly got a reputation as the ‘New Ibiza’. The Garage scene is still thriving on the island to this day with some of the UK’s most popular DJs of the genre flying out to play every year.

Improving Every Year

Although we’ve been over the fact that Napa’s reputation as a longrunning party destination definitely helps it’s status and keeps clubbers coming back for more, that’s not to say that the island isn’t always improving whatever it can and keeping up with the latest trends to keep things from getting stale. When the resort first became popular, it did have a reputation as being a bit of a budget Ibiza, and although the parties were wild, there were only a couple of clubs and not a whole lot else to do. But as more and more clubbers began to attend every year, the location improved itself and adapted to change and is now one of the most bustling and built up resorts in the Mediterranean! It also boasts UK brands that you’re not likely to find on any other resorts, like Wagamama and H&M, if you’re looking for a real sense of home.


Ayia Napa also has the advantage of having some of the warmest weather out of all of the popular party hotspots in the Mediterranean and therefore the peak season tends to last a little longer than the others- you’ll get temperatures in the high 20s from the end of May all the way until the end of August, which means there’s plenty of time to party no matter when you’ve booked your holidays from work for.

So hopefully by now you’ll have a clear understanding of exactly why Ayia Napa has been a popular pick among clubbing holiday destinations for such a long time. The island has seen a lot of changes over the years and now has an absolutely massive range of activities to suit whatever kind of holiday you’re looking for, escaping the shadow of Ibiza to become a bit of a clubbing Mecca in its own right.


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