Best Bars At Laganas Strip In Zante

The complete guide to all the best pubs and bars in Zante!

Bar Fantasy Karoke, Entrance, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante.

Bar Fantasy

Bar Fantasy is a really friendly, chilled-out place to relax for the evening before another big night on the strip. Just around the corner from the main strip, this family run bar specialises in Karaoke, games and cocktails to get you in the party spirit.

This venue has been rated as one of the best karaoke bars in Zante, or if pool is your thing then you’ll be happy to know that there are pool table tournaments held here as well. Why not test your skills.

Bar Fantasy is open everyday from 5pm until 3am

Kamikaze Cocktail Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante


If you’re looking for a lively start to the night, Kamikaze is the one for you. Located right in the middle of the strip, Kamikaze is a cocktail bar on a mission to raise your spirits for a great night out.

Kamikaze has a great range of drinks and unique cocktails, not to mention deals on drinks and shots all night. Along with the resident DJ to keep the night flowing, you’ll be dancing on the table in no time!

Kamikaze is open from around 8pm until the early hours of the morning

Argo Greek-inspired Cocktail Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante


Located right in the heart of the main strip, Argo is a cocktail bar that is instantly recognisable with its vibrant Greek-inspired exterior that lights up the strip at night. At Argo it isn’t just about looks however, as the food and drink served here will make you want to come back night after night.

The bar is open most of the day so you’ll always be able to visit whether it’s for the tasty local cuisine in the day or the amazing drinks deals at night like 2 cocktails and 2 shots for only 4 euros! This could easily become a regular place to start your night out and one of your favourite bars in Zante.

Argo is open every night from 8pm until 5pm the following day

Fishbowl Cocktail Bar, Outside, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante


Fishbowl is a cocktail bar unlike any other, aptly named for its famous drinks deals and (you guessed it), fishbowls! Located on the main strip next to the Sirocco restaurant, Fishbowl is one of the biggest pre-club bars in Zante and it’s open everyday of the summer season.

Every night at Fishbowl is a wild night, with incredible drinks deals and massive fishbowl drinks, all served by the equally incredible bartenders who put on a show for the guests. Plus, with the live DJ playing all of the hottest dance tracks, you’re all set for a great time.

Fishbowl is open from 9pm to 4am

Cocktails & Dreams Bar and Nightclub, Entrance, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

Cocktails & Dreams

Situated opposite Lineker’s Bar on the main strip, Cocktails & Dreams is here to bring you the night out you’ve been dreaming of. It goes without saying this is a cocktail bar but it also  serves as a nightclub. Opening up late at night, it is impossible to miss the neon lights and flashing signs! See if you can spot it from the plane if you’re landing in Zante at night.

Cocktails & Dreams is home to over 40 different cocktails, some that are unique to the venue, as well as all of the fan favourites from Mojitos to Sex on the Beach. You will definitely be spoilt for choice when it comes to drinks, and they’re all so cheap so you’ll be set for the night. A visit here is worth every penny.

Cocktails & Dreams is open from midnight to 5am

The Summertime Sports Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

The Summertime

Missing the pub back home? Look no further. The Summertime is a Sports Bar with an authentic pub feel. It’s got all the trimmings you’d expect to find in any good pub: pool tables, dart boards and live sports on the telly courtesy of Sky and BT. It’s one of the few bars in Zante that really has it all.

The pub has some great drinks on offer like all of your favourite beers on tap, tasty cocktails and a wide selection of whiskies and spirits. Plus, you can get some excellent pub grub here as food is served all day long. You’ll feel right at home in The Summertime!

The Summertime Bar is open from 11am to 3am

Indie Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

Indie Bar

This is for all you Indie lovers out there, we didn’t forget you! Right on the main strip next to Lineker’s Bar, Indie Bar serves up cocktails and the best tunes in Indie and Alt Rock music. With different musically themed nights throughout the summer, Indie Bar has something for just about everyone!

The venue is very spacious, with a huge dance floor, a separate indoor bar named “The Buffalo Club” and a huge outdoor roof terrace, Coyote Ugly style. If you like to dance to all of your favourite Indie Rock songs with a strong drink in hand, then you should give it a try.

The Indie Bar is open every night from April to October

O’Callaghan’s Loft Irish bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

O’Callaghan’s Loft

O’Callaghan’s Loft is proud to be one of the only Irish bars that you can find on the Zante strip, and as soon as you step foot in here, you’ll soon learn why this place is a favourite amongst the guests.

Sitting in the middle of the Zante strip, O’Callaghan’s has an amazing range of cocktails including daiquiris, candyfloss-topped champagne and Biscoff vanilla vodka martinis! Naturally, you can also choose from a fine choice of Whiskies and sit out on the roof terrace to get a view of the main strip.

O’Callaghan’s is open from 7pm until the early hours of the morning

Medousa, Oriental Themed Shisha Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante


If you’re looking for something fresh and fun, Medousa is worth a visit. Sitting right on the main strip, Medousa is a chilled-out shisha bar with oriental themed décor and plenty of drinks to get the night started.

It’s not just about the looks though, you can come here during the day or at night whether it’s for a pint and a game of pool, or some cocktails before a night on the strip. With plenty of drinks deals on every night, you’re all set for a fun time.

Medousa is open from midday until 4am

LiT Cocktail Bar and Nightclub, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

LiT Cocktail Bar & Club

Found right on the Zante strip, LiT is a chilled-out cocktail bar and nightclub, perfect if you’re looking for a change of pace on your night out. The strip can get really noisy, so what better way to chill out than with some cocktails and old-school dance hits?

LiT Cocktail Bar provides friendly service, top quality shisha pipes and freshly made cocktails and daiquiris all while the DJ plays the best dance tunes from the 90’s to now. It’s definitely worth checking out!

LiT is open every single evening from May to October

Lush Family-run Pub and Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante


Lush is a family-run pub and bar, playing host to sports on the big screen by day, and serving the tastiest cocktails by night. It’s also so conveniently placed, right at the start of the main strip, so you won’t have to trek to any clubs after pre-drinks here.

The bar really comes to life in the night time, as this sports bar converts into a neon lighted pre-club bar, where you can get special deals on cocktails and the strongest top shelf booze, all while the resident DJ brings you the biggest hits of the 80’s, 90s and 00s. Who doesn’t love a bit of cheese?

Lush is open from midday to the early hours of the morning

Three Lions Sports Pub and Cocktail Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

Three Lions

Three Lions is a pub and cocktail bar, located on the main strip in Laganas, that serves up all kinds of drinks. Whether it’s some of the best top shelf booze or cocktails served by the pint, this place is definitely one to visit if you like a drink! The friendly pub vibe is sure to make anyone feel right at home.

Three Lions opens up pretty early in comparison to some of the other places on the strip, screening live football matches throughout the day – perfect for relaxing with a pint or three. Later on the DJ comes out to play tunes from the 80’s and 90’s so you can have a dance to some cheesy tunes before heading out to the clubs on the strip.

The Three Lions is open from 4:30pm to 4am

G-Spot Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante


Situated just around the corner from the main strip, G Spot is a stylish and chilled out bar, perfect for starting off your night in Zante. The bar staff here are incredibly friendly and easy to get along with making you feel right at home.

All of the drinks served at this bar are always a hit, with plenty of fan favourite cocktails such as the strawberry daiquiris and pornstar martinis. It’s no wonder really that this bar is so popular, plus you might even spot a celeb or two here!

G Spot is open from 7pm to 5am

Must Sports Bar, Laganas, Zakynthos, Zante

Must Sports Bar

Clue’s in the name, this is one for the sports fans. Must Bar showcases all of the biggest and best sporting events like football, rugby, American football, boxing and UFC. You name it, they’ve got it here! Even if sports aren’t your thing, Must is still a great bar to visit.

Top quality food is served all day long with a huge variety of dishes. You can enjoy some breakfast, lunch or dinner along with a great selection of beers, cocktails and special deals. At night, this venue transforms into a loud and vibrant pre-club venue with chart music pumping through the speakers to get you in the party spirit. This bar is a…Must!

Must Sports Bar is open from 9am to 5am

The Sugar Lounge Sports Bar, Laganas Strip, Zakynthos, Zante


The Sugar Lounge is one of the best places to start off your night as it’s right on the Zante strip. After dinner at Sirocco next door, you can move on to Sugar for pre-drinks and start your night out!

The Sugar Lounge is a fan favourite bar on the strip, especially if the football is on (no surprise there). At night you’ll catch plenty of people enjoying cocktails by the pint and making the most of all sorts of brilliant deals. Plus if you have our discount wristband, you could get 2 pints of cocktails and 2 shots all for 5 euros.

The Sugar Lounge is open from 12pm to 4am

Barcode, Bar, Restaurant and Club, Laganas Strip, Zakynthos, Zante


Found opposite the Sugar Lounge in the middle of the Laganas strip, Barcode is a bar and restaurant which transforms into a small club at night. During the day you can treat yourself to breakfast, lunch or dinner if you fancy it. The menu is full of many different dishes, including pasta, seafood, grilled meats and much more.

After dinner, the Barcode bar stays open until the crack of dawn, offering some of the best drinks, including their freshly made cocktails and top shelf booze. With special deals being offered all night long you’re bound to be a frequent Barcode returner. If you’re looking to have a strong drink for an unbeatable price while dancing the night away, Barcode is a great choice among the many bars in Zante. You may also end up in here on the Zante Bar Crawl which is included in our Ultimate Events Package!

Barcode is open from 9am to 5am

Cheeky Tikis, Hawaiian Themed Cocktail and Sports Bar, Laganas, Zante

Cheeky Tikis

Have a taste of Hawaii in Cheeky Tikis, located right on the strip, in the middle of the action. Cheeky Tikis is a Hawaiian Tiki themed cocktail and sports bar and is always a hit in the summer months.

This is one of the liveliest bars in Zante and it’s packed full of party-goers throughout the week. The music here can be anything from club classics to the UK top 40, while the cocktails here are cheap but pack a punch! There are also two full-length beer pong tables if you’re in the mood for some drinking games, what more could you ask for?

Cheeky Tikis is open throughout the summer, all night, every night

Lineker’s Bar, Laganas Strip, Zante


By popular demand, Lineker’s made its way to the famous Zante strip. With massive DJ sets and drinks flowing all night, your clubbing holiday wouldn’t be complete without a visit to this bar.

You can chill out and watch the sports in the beer garden by day, but try not to burn before the sun sets and all the action begins. Classy cocktails, DJ sets and VIP booths are all you need to get the night started. Even see if you can spot Wayne himself.

Lineker’s is open throughout the day and into the early hours of the morning

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