Where to go on Holiday Based on your Music Taste

We all know that one of the most crucial ingredients in turning a good holiday into a great holiday is the music- it’s so important to the vibe and also in making memories- one piece of music can bring a flood of amazing memories and take you back to a place and time for years to come. So if you’re looking to book a party holiday for 2024 you might want to make sure that you’re syncing up your party hotspot of choice to the kind of music that floats you and your friend group’s boat- if you’re looking for some 80s classics to sing along to and you find yourself surrounded by booming techno… you’re gonna have a bad time. We’ve written a comprehensive guide to show you exactly where you’ll want to be this summer based on your favourite tunes, so get your headphones on and prepare to lose yourself!

Garage, R&B and Hip-Hop

Ayia Napa is one of the Mediterranean’s longest running party destinations, and for good reason- it first became known as a popular spot in the late 1990s because it was one of the UK Garage scene’s favourite spots to travel abroad and bring a taste of UK culture to the sunny beaches. Some of the best clubs if you’re looking for some Garage action are Black ‘N’ White (Ayia Napa’s longest running nightclub!) and Bazaar bar.  Where you can find great Garage, it’s likely that Hip-Hop and R&B aren’t far behind and this rings true for Napa too. All the biggest garage clubs have branched out into playing the biggest UK hip-hop and bashment so that’s another thing that you’re not going to miss out on in Ayia Napa.

If you’re not too bothered about the Garage and you’re looking for a bigger dose of Hip-hop, Afrobeat, Bashment and the like, then Malia and Magaluf might be more your speed. Magaluf’s main destination for Hip-hop heads and bashment boppers is definitely Tokio Joe’s, which prides itself on its dedication to the newest and best Urban Music.

House & Techno

So this one seems like a no-brainer- if you’re looking to get a dose of sun and sea as well as shuffle the night away, losing yourself in the haze of funky house beats or pounding techno, then Ibiza is probably the place you’re looking for! This Balearic island has a long history of being a home for house and techno in Europe, starting all the way back in the 1990s and getting truly massive with figures like Carl Cox and Pete Tong. Some of the clubs you’ll want to get yourself down to (if you’re looking to get down) are Amnesia, which you may already have heard of since it’s one of Ibiza’s most popular clubs at the moment, Eden, and Pacha, which is another Ibiza institution, having been open since 1973 and consistently placing in the top 10 of the world’s best techno clubs according to DJ Magazine!

Pop and Charts

Not bothered about being into the most obscure underground stuff and just looking to sing your heart out, dancing on the tables to some 80s cheese and the newest pop stars? Well naturally if you’re into the most popular music you’re gonna have the easiest time finding a party destination that suits your tastes. Although you won’t have too much trouble finding chart music in any holiday destination, your best bets are probably Malia, Kavos, and Zante. Some of our recommendations are Kavos’s BuzzPop bar if you want to lose your voice to The Killers or Katy Perry! If you’re in Zante then Cherry Bay might just be a bit of you, with cheap drinks and pop anthems galore.


If you’re leaning a little more towards living your rockstar dreams and playing a little air guitar, then Zante and Magaluf both have something in store for you. On Zante’s main strip you’ll find the RocknRolla bar where within minutes you’ll be up on the bar with a stranger singing along to the likes of the Arctic Monkeys, Gerry Cinnamon and Oasis with a lager in one hand. In Magaluf’s famous Indie Bar there is NEVER a dull moment- you might find yourself being served a pint by a man in a donkey mask or an impromptu game of 5-a-side amongst the tables! All with the classic indie and Britpop tunes playing, if you’re looking to throw it back to the Madchester days- the only place in Magaluf you might want to pack a parka or an anorak for!

All in all, the various islands of the Mediterranean have a lot to offer for music aficionados of all stripes and we hope this guide’s helped you figure out which hotspot is for you! Additionally, all of these destinations are ones that Party Hard Travel are flying out to and many of the clubs mentioned are hosting events that are included in their Ultimate Events Package.


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