When is holiday peak season? A guide from us

Timing your party holiday correctly is crucial to making sure you have an unforgettable trip. No one wants to arrive at their clubbing holiday destination to discover they’re the only people there and everyone else is heading out in a few weeks time. So here is your comprehensive guide to the optimum time to fly out and make sure you catch holiday peak season.


Magaluf is an iconic clubbing destination so it’s definitely one to think about when planning your partying. At the height of the summer season you can absolutely guarantee an unbeatable atmosphere with all the bars and clubs teeming with young people from all over looking for the time of their lives. 

Magaluf has one of the longest party seasons of the big resorts with some of their clubs opening their doors as early as April and closing at the tail end of September. Things really start hotting up (figuratively and literally) across the summer months June, July and August which is when you can expect to find the infamous Magaluf nights with big name DJs and VIP guests in attendance. This is the perfect time to travel for the ultimate party holiday experience as the resort will be in full swing. If you’re looking to save a bit of money choosing to travel in June could be a wise decision as it’ll be cheaper than later in the season but there will still be loads going on to keep you busy.  

magaluf holiday peak season party


Malia is a stunning coastal town on the Island of Crete. It is well established as a party resort and has been attracting holiday makers looking for some of Europe’s best nights out for many years now. If you’re looking for beaches, clubs and world class events then Malia’s one of the best. 

As you may expect, the busiest months in the Malia events calendar are July and August. Expect copious boat parties, champagne sessions and insane club nights all throughout the summer months. If you head out at the height of summer you’ll never find yourself with nothing to do. Watch out though, Malia can get very hot in August so might not be best suited to those of more at home in grey skies and cloudy weather. If you wish to avoid the hottest and busiest months of the Malia season, looking to book your holiday in June or early July is a good way to go. The earlier in the season you can get on holiday the bigger the savings you can end up making and you can avoid busy beaches and scorching temperatures. 

Ayia Napa

If you know anything about party holidays then Ayia Napa needs no introduction. This infamous resort is famed for its insane event calendar with massive pool parties, club nights and all day seshes happening everyday during the summer season. Ayia Napa is one of the biggest names on the block and for good reason, once this resort gets going it’s a truly world class party destination.

July is the biggest month in Ayia Napa so this is the time to visit if your priority is partying. Taking your holiday in July means there’s no chance of you missing out on any of the nights that make Ayia Napa so well known. The hotels will be full, beaches busy and bars packed – but that’s why you’re visiting right? Book early to make sure you can guarantee yourself a pool side suite in any of the hotels in July. It’s not unheard of for Ayia Napa temperatures to creep up to the 40 degree mark in July and August so make sure if you’re heading out for peak season you’re armed with factor 50 and you pledge to take your daily water intake seriously. The season wraps up towards the end of September so this could be a good time to sneak in a holiday if you prefer things a little cooler and maybe less intense. If we’re honest though, the Ayia Napa season is pretty wild from start to finish so don’t expect anything too low key. 

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Kavos is a party resort famous for their iconic strip. Instead of massive super-clubs Kavos is all about it’s lively bar scene, boat and pool parties. Kavos is perfect for partyers looking to hop from bar to club, back to the bar. This Greek destination is popular year in and year out for good reason. 

Like most of the big party destinations, Kavos’ holiday peak season gets going in July and August. Bars and events are in full swing, with incredible events everyday. Whether you’re looking for a bar crawl, pool party or booze cruise you’re sure to find an event to suit you if you’re out in Kavos over July and August. Kavos is known for being a smaller resort so even if you’re heading out a little off season it’ll still feel busy and lively. In June there is definitely still a strong atmosphere across the resort but you might also find yourself a bargain deal on your flights or accommodation. 


Ibiza needs no introduction. This VIP holiday destination is arguably one of the party capitals of the world. It’s no wonder celebrities and holiday makers alike flock to this island year in, year out looking for the best of Europe’s food, drinks, events, parties and scenery. Ibiza is home to some of Europe’s most infamous super-club with a worldwide reputation for their DJs, pyros, sound systems and ambiance. 

Ibiza perhaps has the longest clubbing season of any of the resorts. Some of the biggest name clubs like Amnesia and Ushuaia have their opening parties as early as April, and their epic closing events towards October. No matter how busy you are, we’re sure you’ll be able to find a date to squeeze in a trip to Ibiza especially when the season is so long. July and August are definitely the busiest months for tourists but there’s no such thing as a quiet night in Ibiza so the off-season is worth your investigation. Choosing to head to Ibiza in May or June could perhaps mean you can secure a spot in one of their most popular hotels like Ibiza Rocks, or save some money on flights which is more money to spend on drinks once you arrive. The Ibiza sun and good weather stretches out right till autumn so if you can definitely hit the beach in the day and then a club at night even if you’re travelling in September. Ibiza is one of the most expensive resorts so any way to save a penny or two is definitely worth your while. 


Malta is the newest Party Hard Travel destination and is new on the clubbing holiday block. However, despite perhaps being less well known for its parties and events, the Malta nightlife scene is second to none. Stunning natural scenery, beaches, big clubs and hundreds of bars make Malta the perfect holiday destination. 

A result of being a lesser-known holiday spot means Malta has a pretty consistent peak season. Whether you choose to visit in June or August you’re gonna have an unforgettable time and leave asking why more people don’t know about this hidden gem. Like most places in Europe, accommodation and flights to Malta will increase in cost a little in August. Heading to Malta in June or July you will still be able to make the most of the crazy nightlife scene in Paceville. The weather in Malta is consistently warm and sunny with next to no chance of rain so if you’re looking to guarantee blue skies no matter when you travel Malta is a great option.


Zante has a big reputation as one of the biggest and best party resorts in Europe and we understand why. It is home to many big clubs, fun bars as well as hosting unmissable pool and boat parties and being home to lively party hotels. This Greek destination has both stunning scenery and an insane nightlife – the perfect combo!

Laganas, the primary hub of Zante’s nightlife has a holiday peak season that gets going at the start of June. From the beginning of June up until the end of August you can expect a buzzing atmosphere and incredible events day in, day out. The events in Zante run on a weekly schedule, towards the end of July and throughout August you may find the events filling up faster and being even busier than at the start of the season. We’ve never heard of anyone complaining about the atmosphere in Zante though so whatever time you choose to visit you’re guaranteed nights to remember. Opting to travel in June over July might mean you save some time queuing at the bar or fighting for a spot on the beach. The sun gets incredibly strong in July and August so we’re here to remind you not to underestimate the power of it’s rays, no one wants to be rocking a sunburn in their holiday instas. 

As a rule of thumb, for all the resorts travelling between June-August will guarantee you a packed nightlife and events schedule. June tends to be cheaper as this is when things are just hotting up, August is when you can really expect the nightlife to reach a fever pitch but you’re likely to be paying a premium for flights and accommodation! Whenever you choose to travel you can expect unforgettable parties and events to remember.

Now that you’ve figured out when the best time is to jetset off to your location of choice, check out our News & Guides section to find some of the best spots to check out once you’ve touched down!


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