How To Afford A Party Holiday This Summer

Being a university student can be many people’s first taste of independence from their parents. And with a new found independence comes budgeting! With summer right around the corner, Party Hard Travel has teamed up with Unidays to compile the best tips and tricks to save money for the best summer holiday a budget can buy!

1. Make Your Own Lunch

Things Not to Do When Making a Sandwich and What to Do Instead

Whilst it’s convenient to grab a £3 meal deal every day, this can add up very quickly and set you back £60 a month! Taking five minutes out of your day to make a sandwich or to pack last night’s leftovers is a simple way to cut back on costs.

Cost of paid lunch per year: £600

Cost of making your own: 50p-£1 a day – £100-£200 a year

2. Use Public Transport

Ibiza Virgins' Guide: Daytime buses | Ibiza Spotlight

Maintaining the upkeep of a car is an expensive task, and if your university is near a city, public transport is your best bet to get around. Check with your uni if they offer shuttle buses to and from your accommodation, or if they offer a student/concession ticket for discounted travel. If you like a bit of exercise, invest in a bicycle to get you around. Whilst it might be a cost to start with, you’ll save yourself a pretty penny in the long run.

Cost of maintaining car (1.2L) per year: £1100-£1300

Cost of public transport per year: (average cost of annual bus pass) £400-£500

Cost of using bicycle: £275

3. Explore Your Grocery Options

Local Supermarket in Ibiza Town - License, download or print for £6.20 | Photos | Picfair

Buying your own groceries for the first time is a bit of a puzzle. Where to go, what to buy, and how much to spend are all questions to take into consideration when food shopping. Look near your new uni accommodation to scope out all the possible food stores. For a six-pack of pork sausages at Waitrose, you can get ten from Lidl for the same price! Make use of any markets around you for the best prices on fresh fruit and veg!

Cost of Waitrose 6 pack sausages, 400g: £3.29

Cost of Lidl 10 pack sausages, 667g: £2.49

4. Get Thrifty

The benefits and dark side of the thrift-shopping trend

Just because you live on a budget now, doesn’t mean you still can’t keep your wardrobe looking up to date! Check out your local charity/second-hand shops for all the best vintage bargains that don’t break the bank, or download apps like DepopEbay, or ThredUp to easily buy other people’s clothes and sell your own! And of course, shop all your favourite high street stores with Unidays to get all the best deals and offers available!

Cost of Topshop Joni Jeans brand new: £36 

Cost of Joni Jeans on Depop: (one example) £15 

5. Booking A Holiday

Ibiza Holiday Party Hard Travel T&Cs - Capital

So now you’ve adapted to your budget and you’ve spent a few months saving up, it’s time to hit the beach! As summer comes around, look no further for the perfect holiday than Party Hard Travel! With 7 destinations to choose from and one place to book flights, hotels, and events, it’s never been easier to plan a holiday stress-free. 

Use our search bar to find flights and hotels, catering to all your needs. You can filter out any options that go over budget so you won’t even be tempted! 

For summer 2024, when you book your holiday with us, you get our Ultimate Events Package completely free! That includes some of the biggest and best events that are on every week throughout the summer season. We’re talking club nights, themed nights, boat parties, foam parties… really any kind of party! 

Our unbeatable clubbing events packages make booking with Party Hard an easy choice! Have a search on our website or you can email us at [email protected] or call us on 0203 627 4443 to book your ultimate holiday today!

Cost of Ibiza Events Package: £245

Cost of same Ibiza Events Package through Party Hard: £129! Saving of 56%!


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