Top 4 Ways To Prevent A Hangover

o Prevent A Hangover

We all know how easy it is to let go on a night out, that is the point after all! But if you’re planning on hitting the town multiple nights in a row, it’s important to know how to prevent the nasty hangover to ensure you’ll survive the whole week!

1. Drink Water

Starting with the simplest tip, drinking water throughout the night and especially before going to bed is the best way to curb a hangover. Experts say that coconut water and gatorade work even better as they contain lots of vitamins and nutrients that you’re losing from alcohol consumption.

2. Eat Up

Another classic tip for a night out – stock up on the carbs! It is always worth the risk of looking a little bit bloated on a night out then being awaken by a deafening headache. Make sure your meal contains protein, carbs, and fat as they include the right amino acids and B vitamins that process alcohol’s nasty byproducts easiest. So in other words; down a burger before you down your first drink!

3. Juice It Up

Swapping out your carbonated mixer for juice is an easy way to lessen tomorrow’s hangover. Because fruit juice contains extra vitamins and minerals than soda drinks, you’ll be replacing antioxidants in your body that alcohol is stripping away.

4. Dance Until The Sun Comes Up

Assuming that most of your night will already consist of getting it down on the dancefloor, this tip should be easy to follow! Any form of exercise helps curb a hangover as you’re sweating out those nasty intoxicants and metabolizing alcohol faster. Also, getting involved in a game of pool or ping-pong involves you putting down your drink, which breaks the cycle of constantly refilling it and thus helps prevent that morning headache!

So when you’re about to hit the strip, club, or pub, keep in mind these handy tips and you’ll be sure to survive the next morning, and many mornings after that! If you’re looking for a week away that you’ll never forget, or email [email protected] for all the best holiday clubbing event packages.


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